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In a wet environment, static should not be an issue. The frist thing I would do is to shut off the power to the filter pump and check to see if the shock is gone. If you still have a current, I would check to see if there are any power wires running under your concrete. Is this an indoor pool or out doorpool. Ether way, I would look at any power sources such as outlets that may be wet in or around where they are mounted. Please leave message on my message board for discussion if you do not find the problem. RIGHT NOW - !!!!!!!!! GO OUT AND TURN OFF THE CIRCUIT BREAKERS TO THE POOL - INCLUDING THE POOL LIGHT. KEEP EVERYONE, INCLUDING PETS, AWAY FROM THE POOL UNTIL THIS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS PROBLEM HAS BEEN CORRECTED. YOU NEED TO CALL A QUALIFIED POOL TECH OR A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN WHO KNOWS POOL CIRCUITS TO FIND AND CORRECT THE MALFUNCTION. THE NEXT STEP THE REPAIR TECH NEEDS TO DO IS TO INSTALL A GFCI ON THE POOL LIGHT if it has one. THE WHOLE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE TESTED AS THERE MAY BE MORE THAN ON FAULT LOCATION. Contact Pentair Pool Prod. 800-831-7133. One of their companies invented a system to trace the most minute of stray current in and around a swimming pool. Do not put off the above imprortant actions as they may save your life. I say this because not all electricians know the codes for Swimming Pools.

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Q: Why does your pool shock you There is a small current when you touch wet concrete and pool water at the same time. Could this be static electricity Please help?
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