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Flames coming out the exhaust is the result of the exhaust igniting fuel that was not burned inside the engine. Occasional pops of flame can be from backfiring, which shoots out unbirned gas that gets ignited from the heat of the exhaust. On cars without electroinc ignition or fuel injection, which covers all older cars, turning the ignition off while moving and then back on can result in a backfire and flames.

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Q: Why does your car shoot flames from the exhaust?
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How do you make flames shoot out exhaust?

Flames shooting out of race car exhaust pipes is caused by unused fuel passing from the cylinder into the exhaust system and lighting by the heat of the exhaust. Race cars run a different grade of fuel than a normal passenger car so this is common. You have to really soop up a normal car engine for this to happen on a normal car.

How do you shoot flames out of your karizma exhaust?

free flow exhaust with reducing bends

What causes flames to shoot out the tailpipe?

old junky exhaust systems have a lot of debris that catchs fire with high exhaust temperatures

Why do flames come out my exhaust when it is idling?

Flames will come from the exhaust when raw gas enters the exhaust then ignites. run computer codes for the engine to look for a problem causing the gas to not burn completely.

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How do you make flames come out of exhaust naturally?

Advance the timing.

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Why does your exhaust manifolds glow red hot and flames out exhaust?

I dirt track race and mine did it once it was because it was running to lean.

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Why does my car's exhaust smells like bleach?

don't ever smell your car's exhaust.

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What ignites the exhaust fumes on race cars to make flames?

race cars run a very rich mixture. when the engine dies, the unburnt fuel in the exhaust system catches fire from the heat in the exhaust pipes. when the engine is refired, the fire blows out. Flames come out the exhaust during the deceleration of a racing car because during wide open throttle the intake manifold and intake port are filled with a homogenized air fuel mixture. When the throttle is suddenly closed the velocity of this mixture stops and the pressure drops into a strong vacuum. This causes the fuel to drop out of suspension (in the air) and return to a liquid state. This liquid fuel is drawn through the combustion chamber and ignites when it reaches the hot exhaust valve and pipes resulting in the visable flames from the end of the pipe.

Why do you smell car exhaust when there is no car exhaust?

there is always exhaust (expect when the engine's off or hybird) unless you are too close to the car in front of you.

What happens when the exhaust on a car goes bad?

Well if you have a hole in your exhaust like rite under your car, it is able for the exhaust fumes to get into your car and kill you ;P

Big sound from bottom of the car when you are starting your car?

that could be your exhaust is broken from where it starts or you bought a sports car that could be your exhaust is broken from where it starts or you bought a sports car that could be your exhaust is broken from where it starts or you bought a sports car that could be your exhaust is broken from where it starts or you bought a sports car

Where will you find an exhaust?

You will find an exhaust on a car

Do you have to turn motor off before pumping gasoline in your car?

YES ! If you don't, there is a possibility of either a stray spark from the engine igniting the fumes from the fuel, or a spillage of fuel onto your cars exhaust bursting into flames !

What causes flames to come out of NASCAR tire area?

When the driver let's off the gas pedal going into a turn raw fuel gets pumped into the exhaust manifold. The manifold is so hot the fuel ignites and you see flames from the exhaust pipe. It's totally normal.

Why would flames shoot out your pipe?

Your running rich. you have to adjust your carburetor to make it leaner.

What is a sentence with exhaust as a noun?

The exhaust was damaged in the car accident. He found a hole in the exhaust. With the new exhaust fitted, the car sounded a lot quieter.

What do exhaust tips do on a car?

Exhaust tips on a car are typically used to quiet a noisy exhaust. They also can be used for appearance and cosmetic features of the vehicle.

How hot does car exhaust get?

Car exhaust can reach temps of 500 degrees F. With the hottest points being the exhaust manifolods/headers, and the catalytic converter.

What is a sentence using exhaust?

smoke poured out of the exhaust of the car.