Why does trophy hunting exist?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The world is full of wimps and dweebs who count their manliness/womanliness by the number of dead things they have around them. This is because no living thing will associate with them.

A quick physiological and psychological profile of a canned "hunter" is as follows (the male version, since almost all are males):

Male, mid 30's to early 50's, a compulsive liar, pot-bellied, large and in poor physical condition, often loud-mouthed, undereducated and not very bright and watches television 4 to 6 hours each night, has never read a book, is married to a petite woman who secretly hates him, is an alcoholic but thinks he isn't, and never attempts any sport, competition or game unless he knows he cannot lose - in other words, he never attempts any sport, competition or game whatsoever except canned "hunting" or "fishing" in a bathtub.

The good news is that many states are banning canned hunting and, as far as I know, it does not exist in Canada.

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it depends on were you live. If you live in a undeveloped country and you family is starving you want care as much about what your hunting. Or if it is endangered or not. Those in developed countries should know better,

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Trophy hunting might exist for several reasons. First, it probably exists because many humans are competitive by nature and love to share their best victories with other people. It might also exist to prove a person's hunting prowess in ancient times.

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Q: Why does trophy hunting exist?
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