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In 1889 , Wilhelm Steinitz who was the 1st World Chess Champion wrote that in all international and public Chess matches/tournaments it is the rule for the first player to have the white side and the first move . Since then white always starts the game .

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Q: Why does the white side of the board move first in the game of chess?
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Who starts in a chess game?

White plays first in a game of chess.

In chess as white piece is moved first?

In the game of chess the white pieces always move first.

Shall you say that there is racial discrimination in chess as the white piece always moves first?

Yes; unfortunaely, "white" in the game of Chess, has the advantage, from the way the board is set (the bottom right corner is always white), to which pieces move first, etc.

What is a sentence using the word chess?

The chess match lasted over 12 hours. The chess board showed that white was on the verge of checkmate. Chess is a challenging game to master.

How do you chose who goes first in chess?

WHite goes first. who is white? flip a coin, rock-paper-scissors, betting on a game of chess

Who starts in game of chess the black player or the white player?

White has the distinction and privilege of having the first move in chess .

Who goes first after winning chess game?

White always goes first.

Which side moves first in a game of chess?

The white side moves first.

Who starts in game of chess the black or white player?

chess is a board gameit has total 64 squares32 squares for both white and blackthe pieces r the elephant,horse,minister,king and the queenin the game the white starts firstchess is played by 2 people [for those who don't know]chess was created in INDIAAnswerThe player who has the white pieces goes first.

How many chess pieces are on a chess board?

32 to begin the game.

How many bishops in chess board game?

in a chess game there are four bishops.Two on each side

What is the most famous board game?


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