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Q: Why does the the Wake Forest mascot ride a motorcycle?
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What term is correct to ride or drive motorcycle?

It is always ride a motorcycle.......becoz that's the way it is .....v drive car....n ride motorcycle.

Do you need a motorcycle licence to ride a 50cc motorcycle in Florida?

Yes, you are required to have a motorcycle endorcement to ride a motorcycle with a displacement of 50cc's or greater.

Will you get a motorcycle?

If i know how to ride a motorcycle. I would

Can you ride a motorcycle with a CDL in Pennsylvania?

A CDL does not permit you to operate a motorcycle. You must get a motorcycle endorsement on your licence - regardless of what class or type - to be able to ride a motorcycle.

What is legal age for child to ride on motorcycle in Georgia us?

No age restrictions for a child to ride on a motorcycle in the U.S. Georgia

Does chyna ride a motorcycle?

Chyna the former WWF (now WWE) Wrestling Legend does not ride a MotorCycle.

Do I have to buy a motorcycle helmet to ride in NC?

Yes, you are required to buy a motorcycle helmet to ride in NC and obtain a motorcycle license. This applies to all motorcycle riders regardless of age or motorcycle power.

Are kids alowd to ride a ride on motorcycle?

You have to be 16 to ride a scotter. But to ride a 125cc you have to 17

Do you have to wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle in Louisiana?

yes yes. on motorcycle.

Can a midget ride a motorcycle?

one would need a motorcycle license.

When you get a motorcycle license do you have to get insurance?

Only if you own a motorcycle and plan to ride.

Why do you drive a car but ride a motorcycle?

You get into a car but climb onto a motorcycle.