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because what he says has to go on the radio or television it even could be for making his voice louder

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Q: Why does the replay referee in college football use a headset with a cord?
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When was instant replay introduced into college football?


The color flag the coach throws when he wants to challenge a call of a referee and check it on instant replay in football?


Cal Lepore NFL?

* Cal Lepore was a line judge in the AFL and a referee in the NFL. * He worked Super Bowl III as a line judge, was the alternate referee for Super Bowl XII, and the replay official in Super Bowl XXVI. * His reversal of Art Monk's catch in the 1st quarter of Super Bowl XXVI, originally ruled a TD, was the first replay reversal of a TD in Super Bowl history. * He was instrumental in getting the NFL to accept instant replay as an officiating tool. * Referee magazine named him one of the most influential officials in NFL history. * He was elected to the American Football Association Hall of Fame in 1987. * He was the USFL's director of officials. * His regular job was with the Chicago Park District.

Can a game of football be a replay if it was abandoned and not by rain?


In cricket what is the referee called?

The term referee originated in association football (soccer). In cricket, the match referee is an off-field who makes judgements concerning the reputable conduct of the game and hands out penalties for breaches of the ICC code of conduct. The two on-field officials are called umpires (there is sometimes a third umpire off the field with a replay monitor for unclear run outs and stumpings), and they decide on all points of the game (runs, outs, wides, fours and sixes, etc.).

Is there any action replay codes for football director ds?

No, it can't be updated onto action replay ds

What is a booth review in football?

* For the first 28 minutes of each half, coaches must challenge an official's call to have it reviewed. * Coaches are allowed two challenges per game. If a call is not overturned, the challenging team loses a timeout. * No challenges will be recognized if a team has exhausted its timeouts * In the final two minutes of each half and in overtime, only the NFL replay assistant in the television booth or press box can call for a video review. There is no limit to the number of replay reviews the replay assistant can request. * A review called for by the replay assistant is not tied to timeouts for either team. * The referee will make all determinations, regardless of time of game, after reviewing videos on a sideline monitor. * A time limit of 90 seconds has been placed on all video reviews. * Replay assistants will be part of a game's officiating crew.

When will goal line replay become usable in FIFA cup play?

Yes it willbe very useful and teams want get cheated by the referee.

How control my iphone while connected to my desktop pc. I would like to make calls and replay or write a text. And get a sound to my headset which is connected to computer.?

I got jailbroken iphone.

What sports involve TV?

American Football relies on the 'instant replay', covered by television.

Which sports use instant replay?

Almost all professional sports use some variation of instant replay. Hockey, basketball, football, and even NASCAR and rodeos use instant replay during televised events.

How was football different in the 1980s?

There were fewer rules to hand out penalties for and they couldn't use instant replay!