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I guess because it can't get intercepted and the QB can't be penalized.

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Q: Why does the quarterback outside the pocket throw the ball out of bounds instead of just in front of him?
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Can a quarterback in the pocket throw the ball away if he is not under pressure?

If it goes out of bounds, no. That would be an incomprehensibly moronic idea though.

Why do quarterbacks slide when they are about to be tackled outside the pocket?

Because the NFL Quarterback is giving himself up and not attempting to gain any more yards and is NOT allowed to be hit or it will be a penalty,This rule is to protect the quarterback.

What is it when a quarterback is sacked inside of the 'pocket'?

A sack

What is the 'pocket' in football?

The "pocket" is a horseshoe shaped area formed by offensive linemen that drop back and protect the quarterback during a pass play. In theory, if the quarterback remains within the pocket, he will have sufficient time to find a receiver and throw a pass. If defensive players penetrate the pocket before the pass is thrown, the quarterback is either sacked or forced to run out of the pocket...and then he's on his own.

What is the difference between QB and QB-PP in football?

A QB-PP is a pocket passer quarterback and then you have QB-DT which means a dual threat quarterback.

What is inside the pocket in football?

A Pocket in American Football is the safe area created by the offensive linemen create for a quarterback by blocking the defensive rushers. This safe area is supposed to allow the quarterback time to make his reads and throw the ball to a receiver.

Where are the pockets in a pocket mouse?

On the outside of their cheeks

How are you supposed to hang your pocket knife on your pocket does it hang inside or outside?

If the knife is on the inside of the pocket, it is concealed and must follow concealed carry laws. if it is on the outside, it is open carry. As long as it's lawful, you can carry it either way. I personally carry the knife on the inside of my pocket.

Is there a Pokemon knock-off game called Pocket Man?

No, but there was an anime called Monster in my Pocket, therefore instead of Pocket Monsters they changed it to Pokémon.

Who is the better quarterback Steve young or Joe Montana?

Montana is the better pocket passer but Young is the better mobile one.

Is a quarterback in the pocket and not under pressure allowed to throw the ball away?

If there is a receiver in the area of where the ball lands, then yes. If there is no receiver there, it is a penalty.

What does the tight end do in football?

The Tight End is a position on offense. Tight Ends are sometimes the last man on the offensive line. Their main jobs are to block for the running back or quarterback who has the ball, receive passes from the Quarterback and help build a stronger pocket for the quarterback by helping fellow offensive linemen.

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