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He doesn't. He can throw to any eligible receiver, which also includes tight ends and running backs.

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Q: Why does the quarterback have to throw the football to the wide receiver?
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What is a wide out in football?

A wide out is another name for a wide receiver. A wide receiver lines up on offense and can either be out close to the side lines or in between another receiver and the offensive line, this is known as the "slot". A receiver runs and tries to get into an open area of the field so the Quarterback and throw him the football.

How can you throw a football further with shoulder pads on?

make sure you have a set of pads that are for a quarterback, or wide receiver, they allow more shoulder movement

Who calls for the ball and throws in football?

The person who calls the plays and is snapped the football, is the quarterback. On a trick play, the running back or wide receiver can also throw the ball.

What is the fastest football position?

probably wide receiver because they are in charge of catching a throw from the quarterback and running with it to try and get a touchdown so yeah they have to be really fast. like a new England patriots' wide receiver wes welker watch him sometime. that's about how fast a wide receiver should be

Can a wide receiver play quarterback if he is listed as a wide receiver on the 45 man active roster in the NFL?

Yes, as an emergency quarterback.

What are the offense position in football?

running back,quarterback,offensive lineman,wide receiver,tight end,full back

What is the job of the quarterback in football?

its the person on the team who passes or hands of the ball and run at times looks for the wide receiver for a touch down

What does a wide receiver do?

In football, the wide receiver catches the ball, thrown by the quarterback and then runs toward the end zone in an attempt to score a touchdown or at least get a first down. If, however, the coach signals for a running play-which shows that the running back will be handed the football-the wide recievers will block the defender/s in front of him from trying to tackle the running back. That is what a wide receiver does.

What is WR in football?

Wide receiver.

Where is the quarterback in the wildcat formation?

Either no where on the field or at a wide receiver spot.

Did Lynn Swann play quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, he was a wide receiver.

Was Aaron Rogers a wide receiver for the packers in 2009?

No, in 2009 he was the starting quarterback.

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