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The clock stops when the ball goes out of bounds. If a quarterback doesn't have a play because the defense has thoroughly covered anyone who can legally receive, he'll throw the ball out of bounds to stop the clock and allow the team to try a different play.

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Q: Why does the qb throw the ball out of the field?
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How far can Russell Wilson Wisconsin qb throw a football down field?

He threw the ball 73 yards as a sophomore in high school

How far can a quarterback throw?

It depends on their own athletic ability as well as their level of play. A pro. QB will throw much further then a high schooler but most QB's can throw over half the field

Is it intentional grounding in the nfl if the qb does not throw the ball past the line of scrimmage?


Can a quarterback go pass the line of scrimmage and than go back and throw the ball?

No... ANSWER: If the QB goes back behind the line of scrimmage, then yes, he can still throw the ball. Crossing the line of scrimmage doesn't negate the QB's right to throw a legal forward pass on that play.

How far can a pro football QB throw a football?

NFL quarterbacks can throw the ball varying distances. Some quarterbacks with weaker arms can only throw the ball 60 yards or so, while others (like Raiders' QB Jamarcus Russell) can heave the pigskin in excess of 70 yards.

Who holds the ball on a field goal?

anybody. usually the punter or backup QB though

Why does the qb over throw the ball in madden 11?

1) He could be unaccurate. 2) You probably use the left joystick to redirect the ball.

Why do football players train so much?

They need to be in top condition to run up and down the field. Also, they need to memorize plays so the QB knows where to throw the ball when he is being chased by linemen.

Can any NFL Qb's throw the ball 100 yards?

No, Bobby Douglass had the strongest arm. It is said he could throw a ball 100 yards but never in a game. He was left handed and one hell of a runner

What did Chuck Knoblauch do to correct the problem he had not being able to throw the ball to first base and would throw the he would throw the ball up into the stands?

He switched to left field.

What does a quarter back do in football?

he is in charge of running the offence on while on the field. the qb gets the ball to the other players

When do you throw a soccer ball in soccer games?

Whenever the ball exits the field across a touch line.

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