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Q: Why does the light of a torch get bigger the further away you hold it?
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How do you make a shadow bigger or smaller?

if an object is moved closer to the light source, the shadow gets bigger,if it goes further away,the shadow gets smaller

Would light weaken the further away it was from its source?

No light is composed of massless particles called "photons", the reason some lights such as torches, seem to weaken the further they get from the torch, is because the light from a torch is not as focused as the light from a laser beam, the photons that make up the light, simply spread out over greater distances. Photons themselves do not weaken, they will travel until they reach an object they cannot pass through.

How does a torch light works?

exactly like light from the sun.. out and away from the burning part..

Which number is bigger 16.25 or 16.254?

If you rewrite the number 16.25 as 16.250 it becomes clear that 16.254 is larger by .004 If you are having difficulty imagining that .004 is significant, an object that is 16.254 light years away is 23.52 billion miles further away than an object that is 16.25 light years away.

Is Neptune further away and smaller than venus?

neptune is futher away from venus but much bigger than it.

Are the stars further than the moon?

Yes. They look smaller but they are bigger. They only look smaller because they are further away.

What gives off light and heat like the sun but is much further away?

Our Sun is a star, our star. The stars we see in the night sky are just like the Sun (some are much bigger but most are smaller) but we see them a points of light because they are so far away.

How far away did Antonio Rebollo have to shoot to light the torch at the Barcelona olympic opening ceremony?

95 meters.

When an object is moved closer to the light source will the shadow become bigger or smaller?

There are many things that could happen when an object is moved nearer to a light or further away. It could change temperatures.

Is 0.087 bigger than 87?

87 is further away from zero (0) than 0.087

Which on is bigger 0.6 or 0.5 and why?

You must be stupid. 0.6 because it is further away from 0, thus causing it to be "bigger." Think before you ask.

What happens to the shadow as this light source moves?

As you move farther away your shadow get bigger and goes away