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A motorcycle tire blowout can kill you. Here is my general opinion: The tire may be defective, any Michelin tire is not always best, the fine steel web may have worked loose and is a fine Poker into the tube. Take the deflated tire in your hands and very slowly feel for a sharp wire. Next the rim is metal and has a fine burr or a piece of sharp something in the rim or spoke area. Or the brand of tubes may be left in the outdoors too long and is cracked. If the rim spins while the is gripping it will tear at the valve stem, or show some wear that introduces fine rock to eat the tube. Try putting on the new tube with fine talc powder and before you inflate the tire seal it to the rim with any sticky glue. Or add a new shim or tape on the inner rim to protect your tube.

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Q: Why does the inner tube inside your michelin s12 1109019 tire for dirt bike keep blowing?
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