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The reason the back of your hand hurts after playing soccer is because of the friction.

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Q: Why does the back of your hand hurt after playing soccer?
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Is soccer a game where you hurt people?

People get hurt playing soccer and occasionally some players will deliberately foul in the hope of injuring people, but it is not a combat sport, like boxing. So in that sense, it is not a sport where you hurt people.

Is soccer easy and can you get hurt in it?

Soccer can be easy but there are some parts that are hard. In soccer you can get into higher leagues. I play soccer myself and its easy for me because I've been playing for a while. You can get hurt in soccer but sometimes they will call a foul and you will get a free kick. Sometimes the refs don't see everything.

Do you usually get hurt playing soccer?

Sometimes players get hurt playing soccer, like if they strain a muscle, trying to get the ball, and also some people get kicked if another player misses their target. Small injuries are common, and major ones only happen once in a while.

What are fuzzy hand cuffs for?

For playing sexual bondage. When the sex gets wild, one doesn't want to get hurt with regular hand cuffs.

Has mia ever got hurt during soccer and how?

Im sure that she got hurt at least once but there are many different ways to hurt yourself in soccer.

What are 5 things a professional soccer player might do in his soccer game?

Controlling the ball with proper foot work is essential to playing soccer. Playing well with others, heading the ball since using hands is not allowed, and trapping the ball which helps gain control of the game, are the most basic skills.

How is soccer an emotional sport?

soccer is emotional when people mess up or get hurt or just simply fail.

What is a sentence for hurt?

He had hurt her feelings.Try not to hurt yourself.Ouch. That really hurt!

Why is soccer a safe sport?

because you have the muscles to help you if you get hurt

How does soccer affect homework?

That depends on how you play soccer! If you manage your time and keep up with your studies, playing a sport can help you to get needed exercise and be healthier. It can also give you socialization and teamwork skills which will help you be a more mature and well-rounded person.If you spend more time playing soccer and less time doing your schoolwork, then a sport can hurt your grades by taking up time you should be studying.

Why does your right arm hurt when you play cello?

A person's right arm may hurt when they are playing the cello because they are moving it back and forth for an extended period of time. A person may feel an ache if they aren't used to playing a lot.

Is playing the cello phhysically hard on the neck or back?

At first it could be uncomfortable, but I don't think the cello should hurt a back or neck if you hold it right.