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The reason the back of your hand hurts after playing soccer is because of the friction.

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Q: Why does the back of your hand hurt after playing soccer?
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Is soccer easy and can you get hurt in it?

Soccer can be easy but there are some parts that are hard. In soccer you can get into higher leagues. I play soccer myself and its easy for me because I've been playing for a while. You can get hurt in soccer but sometimes they will call a foul and you will get a free kick. Sometimes the refs don't see everything.

Is soccer a game where you hurt people?

People get hurt playing soccer and occasionally some players will deliberately foul in the hope of injuring people, but it is not a combat sport, like boxing. So in that sense, it is not a sport where you hurt people.

Do you usually get hurt playing soccer?

Sometimes players get hurt playing soccer, like if they strain a muscle, trying to get the ball, and also some people get kicked if another player misses their target. Small injuries are common, and major ones only happen once in a while.

What are some risks of playing soccer?

some risks of playing soccer is that you can hurt, sprain or even break bones. you can get some pressure of your parents coach and team mates so that can end up you being very stressed out.

Are you likely to get hurt in football or soccer?

Most of the time if your trying your hardest you will, but dont let that turn you down from playing a sport

What are the advantages and disadvantages of soccer?

There are many advantages to playing soccer including learning teamwork, health benefits, and fun. There are also disadvantages because your victories often rely on others and you can get hurt.

Has mia ever got hurt during soccer and how?

Im sure that she got hurt at least once but there are many different ways to hurt yourself in soccer.

How do you get hurt in soccer?

by just standing there!

What are the disadvantages of being a soccer player?

well your body might hurt after a few games you might also lose your breath while playing the game

How is soccer an emotional sport?

soccer is emotional when people mess up or get hurt or just simply fail.

Why is extra time added in soccer?

The clock never stops in soccer. Therefore when a goal is scored or a player is hurt the clock is still running so they add time so there is actually 90 minutes of playing time.

What do soccer players hurt the most?

Their ACL!!!!!!!

Are Soccer shin guards good?

Soccer shin guards are necessary and very important if you want to enjoy playing soccer for a long time. Doesn't matter whether is just a pick up game or league game. A back hit to the shins can really hurt you, and if it with the cleat they easily open the the skin and leave you with a big nasty cut. I speak from experience, i never ever not wear shin guards.

How does newtons third apply to soccer?

Newton's third law states that when you hit a soccer ball, the soccer ball hits you back just as hard but in the opposite direction (this might hurt for a heavy ball).

What muscles are used in during a soccer throw in?

you should use your core muscles the most... this way you don't hurt your back or arms in any way

How many people get hurt from soccer a year?

This is cool

Which sport is harder, gymnastics or soccer?

Gymnastics you get hurt a lot easily

Why do my back and side hurts?

Your back and side might hurt because you have damaged muscles playing sports or falling down. These areas might also hurt because you are sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or too hard.

Does it hurt a whale when they flip backwards on their back?

no it doesnt hurt their back...!

Why does your right arm hurt when you play cello?

A person's right arm may hurt when they are playing the cello because they are moving it back and forth for an extended period of time. A person may feel an ache if they aren't used to playing a lot.

Why does your hand hurt?

their are nerves in your hand and sends messages to your brain

What do you do when you hurt your hand?

Just don't press to hard on that hand.

Is playing the cello phhysically hard on the neck or back?

At first it could be uncomfortable, but I don't think the cello should hurt a back or neck if you hold it right.

How come your back hurts from playing Rock Band so much?

Hi there you have probabley stretched a muscle by standing in a weird stance your body is not use to . You could have also hurt your back from strumming and actually playing. It shouldn't hurt after this pain goes away as your muscle should now be more equipped to not strain.

What is soccer like?

its fun but ur worn out after and knees hurt