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the marathon takes place because there used to be a man called pheidippides and he ran to Sparta there and back which was 2 kilometers there and back. they needed help for a war but they were in a festival so they couldn't come for ten days. they won the war but when he ran all the way back to Athens ( 1 mile ) he said they had won but he fell down and died by running tooooo much and that's why we do the marathon ( in favor of pheidippides. )

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The next big Marathon that is being held in London is called the Virgin Money Marathon. It's a marathon to raise money for a few different charities, and for good causes.The next one is in 2012.

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To raise money for charity's that need the money for equipment etc.

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Q: Why does the London marathon take place?
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Where did the marathon 2012 take place in?


When was the first London marathon?

The first London Marathon took place on March 29, 1981.

When does the London marathon take place?

April 19, 2010. Patriot's Day (3rd Monday of April)

What is the date of the London marathon 2013?

In 2013, the London Marathon took place on Sunday April 21st. This was the 33rd annual mass-participation marathon race and it was the third World Marathon Major of the year.

Why is the London marathon called the London marathon?

Because it happens in London The one in Paris in called the Paris marathon

Where in London is the 2012 marathon?

The marathon will start (and finish) at the Mall in Cnetral London, making the marathon a loop.

What year did the first Boston Marathon take place?

The first Boston marathon took place in 1897 in Boston.

When was London Marathon created?

New York City Marathon was created in 1970.

For how many years has the London marathon been going on for?

The London Marathon is a road marathon that has been held each year in London since 1981.

In what year did the Battle of Marathon take place?

The Battle of Marathon took place in 490 BC. The battle took place in Marathon, Greece. It was a battle between the citizens of Athens, and the Persians.

How long did Greg Billingham take to complete the London marathon?

It took Greg Billingham just over 7 days to complete the 2007 London marathon and 8 full days to complete the 2008 London marathon. He is the first person in the World to ever run a marathon in slow motion and really is the slowest runner in the World,

What are the main celebrations that takes place in London?

New Year's pretty big, London Marathon, Carnival.