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Swimmers take a shower after swimming because there is chlorine in the pool. It can damage their hair and skin. They want to get them off.

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Q: Why does swimmers shower after swimming?
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Why do swimmers take a shower after they have been swimming?

Swimmers take a shower after swimming because all the chemicals in the pool can damage their hair and skin and the chemicals are very bad for your hair and skin.

What are the swimmers in swimming?

Swimmers are the people who are the participants in the sport of swimming. They are the ones that swim the events. Some famous swimmers include: Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and Katie Hoff.

What are the release dates for Swimmers and Swimming - 1925?

Swimmers and Swimming - 1925 was released on: USA: 1 February 1925

How do swimmers stay in shape?

By swimming

What do swimmers think about swimming?

That it is fun

How many swimmers in standard relay?

In all swimming events there are four swimmers in a relay

How many people regularly go swimming in Germany?

loads of swimmers in geremanygo swimming more than England loads of swimmers in geremanygo swimming more than England

Are cheetahs good swimmers?

Cheetahs are good swimmers but do not voluntarily enter water unless it is an emergency. Jaguars and tigers love swimming and will enter water simply to enjoy swimming.

What do swimmers wear when they go swimming?

they usually wear swimming trunks, a swimming cap and a pair of goggles.

What do swimmers call swimming glasses?


Does the depth of the London swimming pool hinder or help the swimmers?

The dept of the swimming pool dosnt matter because the swimmers dont touch the bottom at all.

Why are swimmers not allowed in swimming pools when there are thunderstorms?

Swimmers are not allowed in swimming pools when there is a storm; thunderstorms because they can be stuck by lightning which can cause to death, injury, etc.

Why do swimers and divers take shower?

It depends I am a swimmer and I always take a shower after swimming as the chlorine in the water can make your skin dry and smell however some swimmers and diver will take a show to prepare for a dive or race. Really it is a personal preference.

Who safeguards swimmers at swimming pool?

trained lifeguards

What is the name of the swimming people?

I think that the answer you are looking for is swimmers.

Do swimmers sweat while swimming?

They do, but it bleeds with the water.

Why do swimmers and divers take showers afther they get out of the water?

After swimming, there will be chlorine on your skin. Many people prefer to shower right after getting out to get the chlorine off of their skin, so that it doesn't dry out their skin.

Which indoor swimming event do the swimmers start in the water?


In which swimming event do the swimmers star in the water?

Back stroke

What age do swimmers enter swimming?

Tom Daily Is 15

How many swimmers swim during swimming competition?


Swimmers are less injury when swimming?

Learn How To Talk What Are You Asking?

Is swimming in the winter Olympics?

No, The swimmers would get too cold.

Can chlorine kill swimmers?

yes chlorine can ufcource kill swimmers but only when it's concentrated at its high, such concentrated chlorine would never be added to the swimming pools, but yes concentrarted chlorine when added to the swimming pool can make the swimmers suffer with a vast variety of diseases

Are piranhas good swimmers?

piranhas are very good swimmersbaby piranhas are learners on swimming