Why does sports need money?

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b/c they need 2 make a living and they need 2 pay the football,soccer,bball, etc. players

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Q: Why does sports need money?
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How do you get a sports car?

you will have be big and get a license.also u will need alots of money to buy it.

Should we pay money for bigger sports than little sports?

Yes, bigger sports need more money; if all sports received the same amount then some would never have enough and others would have great surplus. How that money is allocated is a completely different question, however.

Do you need to pay an sports agent?

No, you do not need a sports agent. They just get you more money if you aren't good at negotiations. Daunte Culpepper is a player with out a agent. He just landed a deal in Oakland for an undisclosed (at this time) amount of money. So the answer is no.

What do you need for sports?

What equipment you need for sports depends on the type of sports you are involved in. For football, you will need protective gear.

How much money does a professional sports make a year?

how much money does a sports tainer make a year

What Gcse's do you need for sports journalism?

What GCSEs do you need for Sports journalism

What skills do you need to be a sports coach?


Why do boys spend more money on sports clothes and equipment than girls?

Because boys sports are more on contact and they need to buy more pads and things that protect them. Girls need less pads and equipment

What sports make a lot of money?

Hockey, Soccer, Badminton, and other famous sports are worth a lot of money.

Sports should be played for sports and not for Money?

nah it should be played for money its a job but not the wages footballers are on now

How much money does a professional sports trainer make a year?

how much money does a sports tainer make a year

How much money is spent every year on sports That includes tickets players wages merchendise the root of this question is How much money does America waste on sports every year?

almost no money is wasted on sports because sports are a business

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