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The pressure is increased because more gas particles are added into the ball which crowds them, thus increasing the pressure.

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As you pump more air into the ball, there are more and more molecules of gas in the ball. The increase in pressure causes the ball to expand slightly, but lets say the volume of the ball is constant for our purposes. The more gas molecules there are in the same amount of space (volume) the closer the molecules get to one another. The closer the molecules are the more strongly they repel one another. The more strongly the molecules repel, or push against one another, the stronger they push out on the inside surface of the ball. That push is what we call pressure. The mathematical representation of this is PV=NRT where P=Pressure, V=Volume, N=Number of particles or molecules, R=a constant you don't need to worry about if you are asking this question, and T=temperature. At a constant T, if N goes up, the product of PV must go up, so if you are in a fixed size container like a Basketball, V cannot change, so P must increase.

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Q: Why does pumping more air into a basketball increase pressure inside the ball?
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Why does pumping more air into a basketball increase the pre inside the ball?


Why does pumping a soccer ball with an air pump increase the pressure inside the ball?

Pumping pushes more air molecules into the ball. That makes more molecules moving around inside of the ball and more molecules colliding with the inside of the ball. All of those collisions (trillions and trillions) push the inside of the ball out. When the temperature is increased, the molecules move faster. Faster molecules collide with the inside walls more frequently, which also increases the pressure. You can test this by pumping up a ball then putting it into the freezer and see what happens to the pressure.

What is the regular air pressure in basketball?

The pressure inside the stadium. WHAT DO YOU THINK!!!

What will happen to the pressure inside the container if the volume of a container of gas is reduced?

The pressure inside the container will increase. Pressure (P) is force(F) divided by the area(A) it hits on. If you decrease the area, you increase the pressure.

What affect the bounce of a basketball?

The pressure from the air inside of it

Does the air pressure inside a basketball affect how high the basketball bounces the hypothesis?

Yes. A full basketball with medium to high pressure will clearly bounce higher than a flat basketball with low pressure.

How do pressure and temperature change inside earth as depth increase?

both temperature and pressure increase as you go down inside earth. hi I am epic

What happens when you pump up a bicycle tire?

Air goes in it the pressure increases and the tire becomes harder. If you keep pumping it'll eventually blow up.

Why does a flat basketball seem inflated when warmed?

Because the heat causes the air inside the basketball to expand, which increases the pressure in the ball.

Does the pressure inside of the earth increase with increased depth from the surface?


What would heating a glass jar do?

Increase the pressure of the gas inside

Why does the basketball have greater pressure than the beach ball?

There are more particles of gas in the basketball than in the beach ball. So, more particles hit the inside surface of the basketball than hit the inside surface of the beach ball. When more particles hit the inside surface of the basketball, the force on the inside surface of the ball increases. This increased force leads to greater pressure, which makes the basketball feel harder than the beach ball. Hope this helps :)