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Q: Why does pnc park have their dugoout on the third base side?
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Do the Phillies sit on the 1st base side or the third base side of the field in Clearwater?

the phillies now sit on the third base side at their new ballpark in clearwater

What fielder is on the third base side?

left feilder

What side of the field do the cubs sit on at Wrigley field?

Third Base Side of Field

What side of the field is the Red Sox Dugout on at Fenway Park?

The first base side of the field.

In what state would you be if you saw a home game of the Philadelphia Phillies?

The Phillies play their home games in Citizens Bank Park, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What side is the blue jays dugout?

Along the Third Base Line

Can a runner run on either side of the third base line when attempting to score on a ball hit to the third baseman?

Yes. As long as you are reasonably close to the third base line you can be on either side of it. It might be useful to run on the fair side of the line so you can somewhat block the third baseman from throwing home, trying to get you out.

Why do the Chicago White Sox have their home dugout on the third base side?

Interestingly, there is no official rule about where the home dugout has to be. And the White Sox are not the only team to have theirs on the third base side-- so do the Tigers and the Indians (and a few others too). Some historians think having it on the third base side goes back to baseball's early years, when many players were also third-base coaches; after standing on the third base line, it was thus much easier to just run back to the dugout and sit for a few minutes. But that explanation may be just another baseball legend.

Which was the home team dugout at old Forbes Field in Pittsburgh?

Third base side

What baseline is the reds dugout in?

The Rogers Centre.

A baseball diamond is a square of 90 feet on each side How long is a throw from first base to third base?

127 feet

Explain Why the height of a triangle depends on which side you select for the base?

The height of a triangle is the length of the perpendicular dropped to the base (extended if necessary) from the opposite vertex. This depends on which side is the base, unless the triangle is equilateral. For example, if you have a tall skinny isosceles triangle whose equal sides are a mile long and the third side is an inch long, the height is about a mile if you choose the third side as the base. If you choose either of the other two sides as base, the height will be about an inch.