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The person with the different colored shirt is usually the best defensive player on the team, and us called the libero.

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Q: Why does one player on volleyball team wear a different color shirt?
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Why does one volleyball team member wear a jersey of a different color than the rest of the team?

Volleyball VarietyThe wearer of a different-colored jersey is called the libero. This is a defense specialist, who is really good at passing and digging. A libero can't serve in high school volleyball, but he can serve in college volleyball. The reason why his shirt is a different color is to identify him when he goes on and off the court. A libero can also "sub" for anyone on the court.

What are the equipment in volleyball?

net, volleyball, jersey (aka shirt) and spandex shorts, knee pads

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What is the name of the player that passes in the back row and that's it?

It depends....The girl/boy that has a different color shirt is called the libero if not a DS( defensive specialist).

White shirt in volleyball?

As Long As You Wear Something Under It!!!!!

What do the officials in volleyball wear?

black pants, white shirt

What do you wear while playing volleyball?

spandex and a tee shirt

What is the dress shirt called that has a different color collar?

Contrast-Collar Dress Shirts

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Henry Hudson's shirt color is brown.

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his shirt is different from mine

What color shirt should you wear with light blue leggings?

A maroon color shirt

Can a libero be a regular player?

When I played volleyball last year my coach used me as a libero and a regular player she just had me change my uniform shirt so I guess ur answer would be yes.

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Presumeably he wore a variety of different shirts of a variety of colors. I looked for the color of his shirt on the day of his death. Sources I've checked have not given it.

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Olympics has one player different color jersey on the 6 man team why?

That is the libero of the team. That person is the best passer of the team and they wear a different shirt so the ref can see them sub in and out because they do that a lot

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Shoes should be closer in color to pants than shirt.

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What should I bring to a 4 day 3 night volleyball camp?

you should bring a volleyball, some shorts, a shirt, and comfortable shoes

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