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One player on the team has a different color jersey because they are the libero.

That person can only play the back row, never the front. They go into the back row for anybody on the team without them using a substitution.

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2009-11-16 23:41:56
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Q: Why does one player have a different color jersey on a volley ball team?
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Who is the LIBERO in volleyball?

a player who specializes in defense they where a different color jersey, and they cannot play front row

What is the position called in volleyball when the player wear a different color jersey and only plays the back row?

A Libero.

Do lacrosse goalies wear a different color jersey from the rest of the team?

No, goalies wear the same color jersey. They have to or else people will think they are from a different team. :)

Why does one member of the men's volleyball wear a different color jersey?


What does the different color jersey mean in volleyball?

They can't hit it over the net

Why does one volleyball player on each team wear a different color?

The player who is wearing a different colour jersey is actually the Liberos. They are player who has better defensive skills.They can replace any of the player at the back row without having to inform the referees, but they can't attack and go to the front row.

What does the different color jersey in Olympic volleyball mean?

They can't hit it over the net

Olympics has one player different color jersey on the 6 man team why?

That is the libero of the team. That person is the best passer of the team and they wear a different shirt so the ref can see them sub in and out because they do that a lot

Do the football uniforms at Oregon have player names on them?

Yes. The color of the name is the same color of the jersey. I don't know why anybody wants that.

Olympics has one player different color jersey on 6 man team why?

The person with the different color uniform is called the libero. That person plays backrow only, and sometimes serve. They don't have to make a substitution to go into the match, they just run in, behind the 10-ft. line.

What color are jersey people hair mostly?

Jersey people..? As in, "from New Jersey"? They have all kinds of different hair colors, just as they do in the rest of the United States. And the story is just the same in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Why does one volleyball team member wear a jersey of a different color than the rest of the team?

Volleyball VarietyThe wearer of a different-colored jersey is called the libero. This is a defense specialist, who is really good at passing and digging. A libero can't serve in high school volleyball, but he can serve in college volleyball. The reason why his shirt is a different color is to identify him when he goes on and off the court. A libero can also "sub" for anyone on the court.

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