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Because the leaders of the NCAA decided that no game would end in a tie. If the game is still tied after one overtime, the teams will play as many overtimes as it takes to break the tie and declare a winner.

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Q: Why does ncaa football get multiple overtimes?
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What was the longest game NCAA football game?

2003 Arkansas vs Kentucky. This game went into 7 overtimes which ended with Arkansas winning 71 to 63.

What team has played the most overtimes in a season in ncaa basketball history?


Overtime in basketball?

Yes and there can be multiple overtimes.

How much overtimes can be in a football game?


What game holds the record for the most overtimes in NCAA men's basketball Division 1 A history?

The record for the most overtimes goes to Cincinnati beating Bradley in 7 OT's in 1981.

How many teams have won multiple men's ncaa championships football and basketball?

Michigan State and Florida

What was the longest college football game ever?

The Ole Miss and Arkansas 2001 game went into 7 overtimes, an NCAA D-1A record. Arkansas won 58-56. Also on November 1, 2003, the Arkansas and Kentucky game tied the record with another 7 overtimes. Arkansas won 71 - 68.

How many overtimes did the longest NCAA game have?

7. -- Cincinnati and Bradley in 1981. The Bearcats won 75-73. (On March 12, 2009 Syracuse beat Connecticut 127-117 after 6 overtimes)

Have any NCAA coaches won football champioships at multiple schools?

Nick Saban at LSU and Alabama is one

Is there a difference between the nfl football and the ncaa football?

Yes. The NFL is professional football and the NCAA is college football.

What happens if there is no winner after 5 overtimes in college football?

Then they play a sixth overtime.

What are differences in a NFL football and a NCAA football?

Well, first of all, and NCAA football has stripes on it. Second of all, an NFL football is bigger than an NCAA one.