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Answerthe problem would probably be a leaky vacuum line to the egr-valve. AnswerYour RX7 is supposed to do this. It's the car's way of warming up the turbos quickly to get them ready for use. It should rev to about 3000rpm when started from cold if you don't touch the accelerator, and stay like that for about 15-20 seconds. If you blip the pedal, during this phase, it will stop the high revs and it will idle as normal. You'll find it doesn't do this if the engine is warm, only when it's cold.

in the late model 2nd gen cars the fast idle at start up is the choke function. esp when the motor is cold. once it starts a quick push on the gas pedal releases the automatic choke

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Q: Why does my rx7 idle very high when I first start it?
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What would cause the engine to idle very high and then it stalls out but if you give it some gas you can keep it running but again at a high idle?

Check the alternator.

Why does your car idle very high?

It's usually a vacuum leak.

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What would cause an engine to idle and run at a very high rpm?

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What is happening if a 2002 Chevrolet Prism has a very high idle when first started and How can it be fixed?

The most likely cause would be that the Idle Air Control Valve is stuck . A good cleaning of the throttle plate and air intake system will possibly cure it.

Why does your 92 Camry LE V6 idle high when you first start it up?

If it's cold outside, it's because ECU use ambient temperature sensor and coolant sensor to manage RPMs. After you start the car the coolant temperature is low and ECU sets RPMs very high, when it gets warm RPMs drop down until engine reaches operating temperature.

Why does motor for 1993 buick lesabre have very high idle weather driving or in park?

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1968 car idle very high when started in park?

Your car will idle high until the engine begins to warm. You could set the idle to be a bit lower, but that may cause the engine to stall out when it's cold out. The engine should begin to lower the RPMs when it is warmed up.

Will a K and N filter cause a 1998 Lincoln Continental to rev very high when first starting it so high as to hear engine chattering?

Personally I doubt it, maybe you should check the idle air control motor from my understanding the filter only helps it to breathe better it should not alter idle rpms

2000 Monte Carlo idling to high?

fuel injected or carburetor?injected - the idle can be adjusted via a diagnostic computer.carb - you can adjust the idle under the carb very easily.

Very high idle on 1996 Saturn?

have you had it serviced recently? your computer may be re-learning its idle pattern if any engine management sensors or devices have been replaced recently.

Very rough idle when dropped into gear on your 99 Chevy Tracker with the 2.0 engine runs fine otherwise have replaced the PCV and plugs no help?

you need the fast idle adjusted on the engine you may have idle set where it sounds fine in idle but not high enuff when dropped in gear.

What could cause a 1996 Buick Park Ave Supercharged to start and run fine most times and then other times start and quit with a very low rpm speed and also other times run at a high rpm speed?

The idle position sensor should be checked. Your supercharger may be messed up or your idle speed needs to be set on the fuel injection.

How do you repair a idle control valve on a 1988 legend v6 27i motor the motor idles very fast on cold start and takes a long time to idle slow when auto choke kicks in after normal start?

buy a new one

Why would a 1990 Geo Tracker idle very high when you start the vehicle until the engine warms up After running a bit it lowers some but is still higher than normal idle?

Engines SHOULD idle a little faster during startup, but if it's always idling fast, check for vacuum leaks. Make sure the EGR valve isn't leaking as well.

How do you find out if the idle control unit needs to be replaced?

The newer vehicles with computers do not allow for idle speed adjustment. If yours is one of those vehicles, you will not be able to adjust the idle speed. On the other hand, if the idle speed is very high on one of those vehicles it could be that the engine could have a vacuum leak.

What cause a suburban to shudder or idle rough at start up in very cold weather?

It may be in need of a good tune up.

Your 98 ranger periodically revs very high between shifting gears and when you stop?

Try your idle air control valve.

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What could cause your 1985 Chevrolet Impala to idle very high after a short drive?

Check the power to your automatic choke and check the choke pulloffs. It sounds as if the fast idle cam is not coming all the way off.

What can cause a very high idle on a 1991 F-250 with a 5.0L other than a vacuum leak?

Common problem.. The "Idle Air Control" valve (IAC) is the usual culprit. It is located on the throttle body.

What causes your 1991 Plymouth Acclaim to idle rough and lose power?

Could be the TPS, it will cause it to idle high and low and make the car become sluggish, but a vehicle will run without one, but it will run very rough.