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It is really just pain from your back doing so much exercise! It does generally go away. Just lie about do as little walking as possible!

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If you are not any better in a few hours, you need to go see a doctor or health care professional.

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Q: Why does my back hurt while flipping on my trampoline?
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What if your back ribs hurt when you jump or run?

This happened to me once and it was a torn muscle that was affecting my ribs. The cause of it was trampoline jumping.

Why does your back hurt after jumping on the trampoline?

Because it is small and when you jump around, there's a lor of space for it to go. Therefore, it bounces

Why do your wrists hurt to the point of crying when you do back handsprings and im new to them?

You need to practise on a soft mat first or a trampoline to get your wrist ready.

Can jumping on a trampoline stunt your growth?

No. Only if you do certain tricks that may hurt your back and/or spine

When you're jumping on a trampoline your knees lock while in the air your knee locks later it starts to hurt and you have to limp what should you do?

I really think your muscles are just sore, not because your knee's are "locking" in the air. If your jumping on a trampoline for long hours your going to be hurting later on.

What new tricks can you learn on the trampoline?

Here is a list of tricks you can learn on a trampoline * Front Handspring * Front Tuck * Back Handspring * Back Tuck * Handstand * Cartwheel * Round- Off * Round- Off Back Handspring * Round- Off Back Handspring Tuck * Back Handspring, Back Handspring * Back Handspring, Back Tuck * Front Handspring, Front Handspring * Front Handspring, Front Tuck * Back Tuck, Back Tuck * Front Tuck, Front Tuck * Front Handspring, Back Handspring * Back Handspring, Front Handspring * Russian * Pike * Tuck * Seat Drop * Belly Flop * Back Drop * Twist * Cannon Ball * Side Flip * Sommersault ... if you have a big enough trampoline... you can do alot more tricks. This is only some of the basic tricks. If you are able to do these... you can experience alot more complicated tricks. If you try these and get hurt... well it is not our fault... we are just sugesting this. Thanks... and remember BE CAREFUL... DONT HURT YOURSELF

What does spotter mean?

A trampoline spotter is someone who watches a trampolinist while they are performing or practicing. Trampoline spotters are usually used in competitive trampolining, standing on each side of the trampoline that is not protected by a spotting deck. Trampoline spotters will watch the trampolinist perform, if the performance goes wrong and the trampolinist travels too close to the edge of the trampoline, the trampoline spotter will raise their arms to protect themselves and also to stop the trampolinist from falling off the trampoline, to do this they simply push the trampolinist back onto the trampoline.

What happens if your hair gets ripped out?

It'll hurt. But after a while it'll grow back.

Why does your back hurt while and after eating peanut butter?

Because you should be sitting down.

What are the risks of using a trampoline?

some of the risks of using a trampoline are: 1. your child could get injured by landing wrong. 2. they could fall of if there is not a net surrounding the trampoline 3. if you have a dog go under the trampoline while they're bouncing the dog may get hurt. 4. if you live in an area where the wind is very strong you will need to fasten your trampoline down or it could be blown away. 5. if you put the trampoline in the grass you will have to move it to be able to mow under it. the good things about it are: 1. a good source of exercise 2. if you're kid has a video game problem it will get them outside ( trust me, i have brothers) You could possibly severely injure yourself or other could get injured if you're not careful.

How do you do corkscrew on a trampoline?

First you need to know how to crokscrew on flatground. If you do, then jump where you would step on flatground That is the ground corkscrew If youre trying to learn the real type of corkscrew on the trampoline which begins with a backdrop, start in a backdrop(you)) should start your backrop with arms up and legs in the air , you know what a backrop is,right? ) as you get back up from the backdrop pull your arms in and twist as much as possible and hold it