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whoever told you that cheat its probably not right

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Q: Why does it not work when i type in jarmie into the cheat codes in tony hawks American wasteland xbox 360?
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How do you gravity moon gravity in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland?

you enter "2them00n" (without the quotation marks and the 0 are zeros) under cheat codes

Jingle brawl nickcom cheat codes?

freeplay,lemurking,kingjulien,airbender and wasteland

In tony hawks American wasteland on the PS2 how do you put cheats in?

when you first start up the game you go to options then cheat codes and enter them in the same way you got them off whatever website you got them from

Where do you put cheat codes in for bubble struggle 2 and where do you enter cheat codes for it?

you can get cheat codes from

What are the cheat codes for elephant treats?

cheat codes

Moshi mosters cheat codes?

There are no cheat codes.

Millsberry cheat codes?

There are no cheat codes for millsberry!

Do cheat codes are cheats?

cheat codes are cheats

Is using cheat codes cheating?

cheat codes, pay attention to the "cheat" part of cheat codes ergo its cheating, yes :D

What are some cheat codes to tom and jerry war of the whiskers?

Cheat codes: getalife cheat codes: getalife

What are all the cheat for jingle brawl?

airbender for Aang, lemurking for king julien, practice for training mode, freeplay for arcade mode, wasteland for Aang's stadium, and goingghost for Danny Phantom. there is still more codes that I'm looking for.

What are some cheat star codes and doll codes for American girl?

you have to buy a doll like everyone else and get the code your self.