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Height does not really affect the accuracy of your Basketball throwing. However, tall people tend to underestimate the distance to the net and small people tend to overestimate the distance to the net.

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Q: Why does height affect your accuracy when you throw a basketball?
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Does the presence or absence of a basketball net affect free throw accuracy?

yes it decreases the accuraccy with the net off

Does air pressure in a basketball affect you free throw accuracy?

YES. It does affect your free throw accuracy. If the ball does not have enough air you will have to give the basketball more force. When more force is applied it will probably bounce off the rim. With more air you could give the ball more touch and your percent will go up.

Does the presence or absence of a net affect free throw accuracy?

Yes the presence or absence of a net affect free throw accuracy. The net provides a visual target for the player to aim toward.

Does presence of net affect free throw accuracy?

Not really. You just have to focus on where you are trying to throw it and you will make it... net or not.

Does the weight of the basketball affect free throws?

yes, the weight of a basketball does affect free throws because while shooting a free throw you have a routine for every opportunity of shooting a free throw and if have a basketball that has different weight then your other basketball then you will end up short or long.

Does the air pressure in a basketball effect a free throw?

The air pressure in a basketball is going to affect a free throw shot. A ball that is low on air is going to be heavier and harder to throw the distance to get from the free throw line to the basket.

Do noises affect your free throw accuracy?

Only if you let it ... you need concentration and a blindfold to make it.

When you throw a basketball up in the air where does the gravitational pull of Earth affect it the most?

The gravitational pull affects it more or less uniformly. There are very, very slight differences caused by the height of the throw and the width of the ball but, compared to the distance from the centre of the earth, these distances are tiny and so have no effect.

What is trash talking?

trash talking in basketball is when you throw insults at the opposing teams best player to throw them off their game, it's something you know will affect them.

Does the presence or absence of a net affect free-throw accuracy?

yes it doesThe presence of a basketball net improves freethrow accuracy for a number of reasons. First it improves the depth perception of the shooter better enabling them to see the center of the rim. Second the net acts as a weight on the rim and "softens" the rim so that the basketball has a better chance of going through when it hits rim. Lastly, in outdoor games, the net can act as a gauge on how strong the wind may be blowing which definitely affects your shot.

Does the height affect a paper air planes flight?

yes the higher you throw the longer it glides

Does the size of a basketball affect your ability to make free throw shots?

no because if you short you can still make it but if you tall you still can

How is basketball related to math?

wow great question, well for sure that i know basketball has alot to do with math, well, it has everything to do with math. the angles and the height of basketball player the strength used to throw the ball and pretty much everything else. Also, it has to do a to with angles

Can a basketball player throw the basketball up in the air before free throw shooting?


What is a field throw in basketball?

A field goal in basketball is a three-point shot...I do not belive there is a field throw.

What is a basketball shot?

A shot in basketball is an attempt to throw the basketball into the hoop.

If you throw a basketball does the shape affect the final height?

In general terms, no. But, at the very detailed level, when you take spin and drag into consideration, then yes.Incidentally, the dimples on golf balls are designed to improve their aerodynamic properties so the shape does matter.

Do players need more energy to throw or pass a basketball?

The players do not need energy to throw or pass a basketball

What is a free throw line in basketball?

A free throw line in basketball is the line where the players who are fouled get to shoot the ball.

A throw that is worth 1 point in basketball is?

A free throw.

Dose the way you thow a basketball affect the outcome?

Of course it does, if you throw it in perfect form and aim right for the basket, I would think it would go in.

How many points do you get for a free-throw?

A free throw is only worth one point.Free throw is a term used in basketball, not baseball. In Basketball, it is worth a total of one pointThanks for using!

How does the drop height of a ball affect the number on time it will bounce?

it differs because the weight and height you throw it at differs making the force that it hits the ground differ which obviously will differ how much it goes up

How far can Drew Brees throw?

he can throw the length of the field and still maintain precision accuracy, so probably if that didnt matter he can throw further

What is loafing in basketball?

when you throw the basketball to a person a few inches or feet fron you