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why dose goalkeeper need agility

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Q: Why does goalkeeper need agility?
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Related questions

Why is agility important for goalkeeper?

speed so the ball or puck don't get to the goal

What do do you need agility in?

you need agility in tennis trampolining ect

Do gymnasts need agility?

Gymnasts do need agility because the need to be strong on order to do their techniques.

What is better to be a goalkeeper or a player?

goalkeeper , because is the first line of offense and the last line of defense. also because of the simple agility to extend all the body to save, dive or block a shot.

Why would a basketball player need agility?

If you want to get around your defender you'll need to use AGILITY to do that. If you want stay with your opponent when your on defense, you'll need agility to stay with him

Why do gymnasts need agility?

Gymnasts need agility because they need to be very strong to do their techniques and their hard skills that are demanded.

Does hockey need agility?

Yes. How much agility you need, though, depends on what position you want to play in.

What sports do you need agility in?


Does basketball need agility?


Why do you need agility for badminton?


What do goalkeeper need?

They need goalie gloves, A goal and a strip.

Why do we need agility in football?

Agility is basically a quick change in direction. Agility is most seen in cutting motions of a running back,

Why do you need agility in English football?

You need agility in any sport to maneuver around your opponents and to successfully get to and control the ball.

What goalkeeper need to plan with the goaldefender?

a goalkeeper needs aview of the player that is going to shot , so the goalkeeper tells the goaldefenders where to move in order for him to see the ball and the player.

How is agility used in downhill skiing?

The need for agility in downhill skiing is essential. The quick turning and adjusting in downhill skiing requires great agility.

Agility in gymnastics?

Yes Yes Yes -- gymnasts need amazing agility and speed to perform there tricks

How do you get 99 agility in runescape in 1 month?

this is not possible unless you cheat. plus you need membership to get agility

Why do you need agility for Basketball?

To get down the court quickly

Why do you need to have agility in football?

so you run faster

What agility level do you need to get to the barrows on runescape?

You don't need agility to get to barrows, only a spade is required, nearest teleport spot, Varrock, or in some peoples cases Ectofuntus ( Ectophial ). You simply don't need any agility all you need a is a spade for the actuall barrows burrows.

Why do you need agility for volleyball?

You need it because you will miss the ball if you dont run for it.

How can agility improve a tennis player's performance?

If the opponent hits a slice then you would need agility to hit the ball back.

Why does a goalkeeper need agility?

Because of how they often have to move, like diving to reach a ball or suddenly having to change direction when the ball does. The also need to be able to jump very high and catch the ball or punch it. They often need to come out and spread themselves in front of the player trying to score, to make it more difficult to score.

What traits did gladiators need to have?

Strength, agility, stamina, cunning.

Do soccer goalies wear cups?

No, there is no need for a goalkeeper to wear a cup.