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the dent obviously makes the surface not smooth, therefore if the ball hits that spot it won't go off in the right direction, depending on how big the dent is.

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Q: Why does dent in a baseball bat reduce performance?
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How do you dent a baseball bat?

It depends on the bat, but for an aluminum bat like the Anderson Techzilla, if you hit rubber balls in the batting cage, the bat will dent soon enough.

What did an MIT instructor add to a baseball bat to reduce its air drag by 60 percent?


Is it good for the paint to chip on a composite baseball bat?

i dont think you can but it doesnt affect the performance if it is not deep

How do you reduce the weight of a cricket bat?

You can reduce the weight of a cricket bat by using sandpaper. You can use 100 or 80 grit sandpaper to sand the bat down.

Who did Tommy lee Jones play in bat man forever?

Two Face/Harvey Dent

How do you you cup a baseball bat?

Cupping requires proprietary machinery in order to hold bat in place and drill down against the grains. The cupping process is used to reduce bat weight at the end of the barrell. See below link for a good video on bat making.

Is the baseball term at bat or at the bat?

its at bat

What were baseball player Eddie Dent's total batting stats for 1912?

In 1912, Eddie Dent played in 1 game for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He had 1 at bat, getting 0 hits, for a .000 batting average, with 0 runs batted in. He was walked 0 times. He struck out 1 time.

What is USSSA 1.15 BPF?

A United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) 1.15 Bat Performance Factor (BPF) is a small barrel baseball bat. The BPF standard is based on the laws of physics.

What is the constant when a bat hit a baseball?

The mass of the bat and the baseball.

What are the new bat regulations for 2011 high school baseball and what bats meet the standards of those regulations?

- Aluminum bats that are BESR certified and labeled as such are legal for play in the 2011 season. .- Any aluminum bat that meets the 2012 standard is legal for play in the 2011 season. .- Any composite bat that meets the 2012 standard is legal for play in the 2011 season. .- If a composite bat is not 2012 compliant (BBCOR and appropriately labeled), it is illegal for play in the 2011 season. .- The BBCOR performance standard positions the performance of non-wood bats to the high end of wood bat performance. .- Composite Bat BBCOR standard requires compliance with Accelerated Break In (ABI) testing; i.e., the bat remains within the performance limits throughout its life. Current composite bats exceed the top performance limit with use. Taso umpires

What object is about 1 meter long?

a baseball bat