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I as well had the same question, and found an answer at the following web site: Hope this helps! I noticed the site link I provided may not function correctly, so I decided to post an excerpt of the text from that link below. Hope you found this helpful. ----- Q: Why do high school and the NBA play in quarters but the NCAA play in halves? A: It doesn't seem to make much sense, does it? High school Basketball games are divided into four eight-minute quarters, college games are split into two 20-minute halves, and NBA games are four 12-minute quarters. Why have three such different set-ups? Yet high school experts, the NCAA and the NBA all say the logic behind this is as fundamentally sound as a Sean May two-handed rebound. Here's what my research dug up: The high school game is broken down into four relatively short quarters to ensure sufficient rests for younger athletes. This setup also gives coaches time with their players. "The high school game is more of a teaching situation," says Mac Morris, co-executive director of the N.C. Coaches Association. The tempo of the college game, on the other hand, has traditionally been a strategic element controlled by coaches. As any March Madness watcher can tell you, the last minute of a close game can actually slow to 10 minutes in real time, as coaches call timeouts and instruct their players to foul the other team. Add in TV breaks, and the clock seems to stop constantly. The NBA wanted a longer, more athletic game and says it brought in four 12-minute quarters just after World War II "to give fans more for their money." Maybe. This four-quarter arrangement does make for a longer evening, with the NBA filling up breaks in the action with lots of hip-shakin' dancers and mascot shenanigans. But the pro game also sells one heckuva lot of stuff between quarters. So maybe there are other money factors involved. You also might note that a high school game is 32 total minutes of playing time, a college game is 40, and a pro game is 48. So the higher the level of play, the greater endurance demanded of the players. Incidentally, the NCAA has experimented with games divided into quarters in exhibition play. And for the 1951-52 and 1952-53 seasons, college games were actually played in four 10-minute quarters. Then they were changed back.

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the game lasts 48mins. in both college and pros, i don't know why the pros have 4 quarters, and college 2

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Q: Why does college basketball play only 2 periods and high school and pro play 4?
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