Why does chew make you throw up?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: Why does chew make you throw up?
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Why do I throw up every time I take Advil even though I chew them really well?

Try swallowing the Advil whole. It tastes really nasty when you chew it. I'd throw up too if I chewed it.

How can you pretend your sick?

eat something bad and make yourself throw up chew up some popcorn or somthing and put it in a toilet or somthing and say i thro=ew up

Why do penguins eat the remains of fish that their parents throw up?

Because baby penguins cant find or chew their own fish so their parents find and chew it for them.

How do you eat a grape?

chew it and throw it a someone

Does drinking hydrogen peroxide make you throw up?

it could make you throw up. i would ask a doctor

If you are bulimic and throw up your food when you throw up are you spouse to throw up the amount you eat or if you only throw up a small amount of vomit will it have the the same effect?

Too be honest it is best not to throw up at all but you would need to vomit all of the food back up (do not recommend this) but remember food is compacted when you chew and swallow so a small amount of vomit could be a size-able meal

How do you make snake throw up?

by scaring it. the snake will throw up what it just ate

How do you make your webkinz throw up?

you can not

Why do you have to throw up?

idk but i know how you can make yourself throw up. Well you can look at something gross or you can make yourself sick.

Will swallowing air freshener make you throw up?

I don't know if this will make you throw up, but I don't advise you to try. Really, don't.

How does an orca get it food?

orcas chase them down chew on them and throw them in the air

What takes longer to throw up a giraffe or a human?

A giraffe! Um, giraffes are ruminants so they throw up several times a day when they chew their cud. I know some people who have gone years without throwing up. I'm going to argue: People!