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It's an active sport, so your heart needs to pump more blood to supply more oxygen to your blood cells.

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Q: Why does basketball increases the heart rate?
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What exercise will increases your heart rate?

jogging running basketball soccer basseball football

How does laughing affect your heart rate?

It increases your heart rate.

Why your heart rate increases when you run?

Your heart rate increases as it has to pump oxygenated blood around the body.

What does nicotine do to your heart rate?

It affects the heart and blood pressure by increases them both. An increased heart rate and blood pressure can be serious depending on how much it increases them both. It increases heart rate and blood pressure and increases the workload on the heart

What was the effect of sodium ions on heart rate?

increases the heart rate

Does pain increases or decreases your heart rate?

pain does increase your heart rate

What happens to the heart when you smoke?

Your heart rate increases.

During the hemorrhage what happens to the heart rate?

The heart rate will increase due to hypovolaemic shock!

Do energy drinks affect heart rate?

Yes, caffeine increases your heart rate.

Does exercising increase or decrease heart rate?

Of course exersizing increases heart rate

What increases the basal metabolic rate in an individual?

Elevating your heart rate increases your basal metabolic rate in an individual.

Does music affects heart rate?

Yes it does. Slow music decreases heart rate. Rock Music increases heart rate.