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They have cheerleaders at basketball games to support their team and their mascot.

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Q: Why does basketball have cheerleaders?
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Does basketball have cheerleaders?


When did cheerleaders start cheering for the basketball team?

Cheerleaders started cheering for basketball teams when they needed practice. Then when the people watched them at half time they enjoyed it alot, So the cheerleaders would do it all for the people and the sport of it. Cheerleaders started cheering for basketball teams when they needed practice. Then when the people watched them at half time they enjoyed it alot, So the cheerleaders would do it all for the people and the sport of it.

Does baseball have cheerleaders?

No. Only football and basketball does.

How many sports have cheerleaders?

Football, Basketball, Wrestling, sometimes Soccer and Track. Those are the most common. But really, any sport can have cheerleaders

Which sport was the first to use cheerleaders?

I believe that it would be basketball and football

Do pro cheerleaders have time to work a job?

Yes... When they are not in football or basketball season and usually cheerleaders only cheer for basketball or football not both. and also remember that cheerleaders are always practicing even when they are not performing they are practicing there skill so when they can perfect everything they need to before the season starts back up!<3cheergurl12

Why was cheerleading associated with America?

Because, cheerleaders help cheer on football and basketball.

How many cheerleaders in a squad?

It depends on what kind of team you have . . you really can have however many you want . . but on the basketball court only 8 cheerleaders are allowed if you're following the rules

Can cheerleaders fit through a basketball hoop?

Yes, one stacked on top of the other!

What sports involve cheerleading?

In the US, cheerleaders mostly, if not always, lead cheers for basketball and football.

What is a NFL cheerleaders role?

A cheerleaders role is to be a positive influence for people of your school and support your team whether they are losing or winning. As a cheerleader ,you are always seen as inflence. The role of all star cheerleaders is slightly different. They represent the sport that cheerleaders is. It is like any other sport that people do. People play softball or basketball because they love the sport ,and that

What are some funny Cheerleading jokes?

Q: What do cheerleaders drink before they go to a basketball game? A: your mom.

Are cheerleaders stronger than most basketball and softball players?

YES!!!! It is a proven fact that cheerleaders are more strong then "most" (by that i mean all) basketball, softball, baseball, and also hockey players. If you don't believe me, you better sleep with one eye open cause' the person that invented cheerleading will get you. (LOL, not really!!)

Do the spelman cheerleaders cheer for morehouse football team?

spelman cheerleaders cheer for spelman girls basketball games, to cheer for football games you would have to tryout throught morehouse, and you would also be considered a morehouse cheerleader.

What is a cheerleaders role at a football and basketball game?

To get the crowd excited about the team, cheer on the players and to keep the audience hopeful during the game

What sports to cheerleaders cheer for?

cheerleading sports mainly constist of football, basketball, comp. cheerleading, sometimes soccer and wrestiling.....pretty much any sport can have cheerleaders for them.......... CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT, YOU DONT SEE FOOTBALL IN THE OLIMPICS AND THAT IS A SPORT SO HA!!!!

What does school have to do with cheerleading?

For basketball teams, football teams, ect. at schools they have teams and they need cheerleaders. what does it have 2 do with school? nothing really but that's your answer

How did la lakers get the famous cheerleaders?

When Jerry Buss bought the Lakers from Jack Kent-Cooke in 1980, he didn't like the attendance at games. Yes, the Lakers were winning basketball games and were favorites to compete in the Finals. But Buss wanted basketball fans to be able to come in and get ALL of their money's worth, not just the game itself. So he created the Laker girls to add some glitz and glamour to the normal routine of a basketball game. Others would soon follow suite, but Buss gets credit for bringing around the first pro basketball cheerleaders.

Do cheerleaders get injured more then basketball players?

yes, they get hurt all t he time. try catching a person when she has no controle while falling from a basket tose. basketball players just have to worry about getiing hit by a ball or someonetrying to hit them.

Why do cheerleaders wear uniforms?

It is usually to match the uniforms of the mascot and school colours. Most will tell you that it is to represent the school and football (basketball) teams. It can also be for fashion and prep.

Is cheerleading in every sport?

Cheerleaders do not cheer for all sports, usually just football, basketball, and sometimes wrestling or baseball. Cheerleading is also a sport within itself.

Which professional sports have cheerleaders?

football has cheerleaders i mean really look at the Dallas cowboys cheerleaders

Why is there no cheerleaders in Super Bowl 45?

It is up to the team whether or not they have cheerleaders. Some teams, like the Cowboys and Redskins, choose to have cheerleaders, while others, like the Packers, do not have cheerleaders. It just happens that this year, neither team has cheerleaders.

What is the plural possessive nouns of cheerleaders?


Does ucla have cheerleaders?

Yes, UCLA has cheerleaders.