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an incoming pitcher only gets 8 warm up pitches to keep the game going and to let him get use to the pitching mound. it use to be 12 but it took to long

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2009-09-14 00:05:11
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Q: Why does an incoming pitcher get only 8 warm up pitches?
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How many warm up pitches does a relief pitcher get for coming into a game to replace an ejected pitcher?

As many as he needs. If a pitcher replaces another pitcher whom the manager just pulled, then the incoming pitcher gets a maximum of 8 pitches.

How many warm-up pitches does a re-entering pitcher get?

5 pitches.

How many warm up pitches does a re entering pitcher get?


How much time does a pitcher have in between innings to warm up?

It depends on the league. Usually if its a new pitcher he gets 8 pitches. If the pitcher is coming back in for the next inning he usually gets 5 pitches (the total pitches to warm includes a throw-down by the catcher to 2nd base on the last pitch of the warm up)

How many pre-game warm up pitches does the starting pitcher throw out in the bull pen?

3 pitches...

How much time is an incoming pitcher allowed to get to the mound?

According to the official MLB rules, section 8, an incoming pitcher is allowed 8 pitches while play is suspended, not to exceed one minute of time. If the pitcher is brought into the game in an emergency situation (i.e. injury or ejection), the umpire-in-chief may allow him as much warm-up as the umpire deems necessary.

How many warm up pitches does a pitcher get when entering a game to start an inning?


How many warm up pitches at the beginning of each inning?

New pitcher gets 9. A returning pitcher gets 5.

Is every relief pitcher entitled to warm up pitches?

Well yes if they want to. If they refuse to they have a greater chance of getting hurt if they don't warm up.

How many warm up pitches does a minor league relief pitcher get upon entering the game?

Pitchers in MLB and the minor leagues get eight warmup pitches when entering a game unless they are entering the game due to an injury to the previous pitcher. If the previous pitcher was injured the relieving pitcher may take as many warmup pitches as the umpire deems necessary. Rule 8.03

Why don't they include in the pitch-count the warm-up pitches before the game and between innings?

The manager keeps a pitch count as an indicator of the pitcher's probable level of fatigue. The pitchers don't exert as much energy when the pitcher is throwing in the bullpen or warming up as he does during the game. Managers do consider how many times a relief pitcher is asked to warm up, not only that day, but in the few days before, when they decide who to bring in from the bull-pen. Also if the start of a game is delayed after the starting pitcher has warmed up,and so would have to warm again before the game starts, a good manager takes that fact into consideration.

Is there a pitcher in baseball that pitches right and left handed?

There may be a pitcher somewhere in baseball that can pitch ambidextrous, but there's not much of a call for it in the game. A pitcher may pitch either left or right handed to any batter, but they must use the same hand for that at-bat. The reason it is so rare is because of the many years that it takes for a person to perfect their pitches with just one hand. It's obvious that a pitcher will be much better pitching with one hand than they will be with the other. They also won't be able to throw as hard. A manager needs his pitcher to be able to locate his pitches effectively. It's more than likely too risky for a pitcher to change hands while one arm is warm and the other is cold.

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