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The goal area is 6 yards deep and 20 yards wide.

1. During the taking of a goal kick, the ball may be placed anywhere in this area.

2. During the taking of any free kick (direct or indirect), the ball is moved away from the goal line along a line perpendicular to the goal line to the top of this area; exactly 6 yards out. This is to prevent, for example, an indirect free kick 6 inches from the goal line. It would also give some running room for a defensive free kick going out.

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Q: Why does a soccer field have a six yard box?
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In soccer what is a goal box?

It is the smallest box on each end of the field next to the goal. In addition, it is sometimes called the "six yard box" because from the goal line to the top of the goal box, the measurement is 6 yards.

How wide is the six yard box in soccer?

The goal area is 20 yards (18.32 m) wide.

How long is the 6 yard box in soccer?

The Goal Area (so-called "six-yard box") extends from the Goal Line 6 yards (18 feet), and is 20 yards (60 feet) wide.

What is goal-kick in soccer?

It is when the attacking team kicks the ball over the other teams end line, and usually the goalie takes a kick from the corner of the six yard box.

Why Is it called six yard box on a football pitch?

Because it's area is six yards

In football - can the goalkeeper be tackled inside the six-yard-box?

You tackle the ball, not a player.

What is the Name for soccer goal kick?

You can either call it "goal kick" or "six yard kick". both work.

How many players are on the field for each soccer team under six years old?

11 players

Are players on the opposing soccer team allowed inside the six-yard box during an indirect shot?

They are allowed anywhere, but if they are in an offside position at the instant of the kick they cannot be involved with play, interfere with an opponent, or gain an advantage by being in an offside position.

What box is the 18 yard box in soccer?

The so-called "18-yard box" is properly called the Penalty Area. It is 44 yards wide (left and right) and 18 yards deep (from the goal line toward midfield, and the origin of the nickname). The Penalty Area contains the Goal Area (the "six-yard box") and the Penalty Mark (12 yards from the center of the goal, or halfway between the edges of the goal area and penalty area lines). Attached to the Penalty Area is an arc (the "Penalty Arc") that forms that part of a 10-yard circle from the Penalty Mark which lies outside of the Penalty Area. This arc is not part of the Penalty Area; it just indicates where players cannot be during a penalty kick.

How many inches are in on yard?

there are 36 or (thirty-six) inches in a yard .

What was soccer like in the 1800s?

it sucked! The people who played used the heads of people they just killed in battle. There were only six people on the field at a time.

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