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Because there is more friction on grass slowing the ball down.

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Q: Why does a soccer ball travel slower grass than turf?
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Why does a soccer ball travel slower on grass than turf?

Usually, turf is packed down more. Thus decreasing the surface area of the ball, and decreasing the friction! If the grass had been flattened to the same level as the turf, then it would travel at the same speed!

Does a soccer ball roll farther on concrete or grass and why?

Concrete due to grass causing more friction on the ball, in addition, the longer the grass, the slower the ball moves.

Does a soccer ball travel better on grass or turf?

A soccer ball travels much faster on turf than on grass, because it doesnt have anything to hold it back. It is usually easier to play on good grass because the ball doesnt travel as fast, and therefore isn't so hard to keep up with. Neither. Soccer balls travel best in or around water/lava

Does a soccer ball roll farther than a basketball in grass?

soccer ball

How does stitching effect the distance a soccer ball will travel?

How does stitching effect the distance a soccer ball will travel?

What makes a ball roll slower on grass than on the sidewalk?

Is it Inertia

When a soccer ball is kicked which accelerates faster the soccer ball or the foot?

The two will relatively travel the same speed, although the soccer ball may travel slightly faster do to its weight and size. So therefore the soccer ball will accelerate faster.

If a field is wet will a soccer ball roll faster or slower?

The wetness will increase the friction, so the ball will roll slower and for a shorter distance.

What falls faster a tennis ball or soccer ball?

A tennis ball is fuzzy, has more drag, and falls slower. A soccer ball is smooth, has less drag, and falls faster.

Which type of grass makes a soccer ball bounce higher?

turf grass

What is the most effective way to kick a soccer ball?

Kick the ball under or below were it touches the grass. WARNING : if you kick the grass and the ball you will fail.

How does grass affect the speed of a soccer ball?

when it get damage

What is the difference between soccer and an indoor soccer?

indoor soccer has different soccer cleats and a different kind of ball and has walls around the field and has assfolt and outdoor soccer has a different size ball and kind of ball and has no walls and had natural grass,

How fast can a soccer ball travel in a soccer game?

The record speed for a soccer ball to have been kicked by a pro soccer player is 110 mph.

Is the effect of grass or dirt surface on the distance a ball can roll?

Grass makes a ball roll slower then it would on a dirt surface. This is because the long grass blades cause more friction on the ball slowing it down.

Why Does a soccer ball roll farther on concrete or on grass?

A soccer ball rolls farther on concrete than on grass, because even if you were to push it with the same amount of force, the friction, which the grass provides is a lot higher than the one of the concrete.

Can a soccer ball roll furthest on grass or concrete?


Does a soccer ball roll farther on concrete or on grass?


What occurs when the lower portion of the Soccer ball is struck?

Striking the lower portion of a soccer ball will cause the ball to travel in an upward direction.

Some disadvantages of the soccer ball are.?

when it rains the ball could get stuck on the grass and the ball gets very slippery

How do different types of surface affect the way a ball bounces?

I am assuming you are talking about tennis. On a grass surface, the ball will bounce fast. On clay courts, the ball will bounce slower than on grass. On a hard court, the speed of the ball bounce will be in between clay and grass.

Does a soccer ball roll farther on grass or dirt?

Dirt, because it has lesser resistance than grass

In soccer the kickoff must travel?

In soccer, there is no rule as to how far the ball must travel. The person who starts with the ball could kick it backward, to the person next to them, or down the field.

Does a soccer ball roll better on wet grass or dry grass?

Dry however... There are so many variables to deal with when talking about how the ball rolls. Usually dry grass will allow the ball to roll better but the length and type of grass can make a huge difference.

Where is the soccer game played?

You can play soccer almost anywhere as long as you have a ball, players and a net. But usually, it is played in a smooth, grass field with boundaries, a metal net and a well made soccer ball.