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it need to rotate so you could go in any direction

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A motorboat and a PWC are meeting head-on Which one is the stand-on vessel

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Q: Why does a sail need to be able to rotate?
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What characteristics does a planet need?

it needs to be able to orbit and rotate on its axis uless it is venus!

Why were the vikings able to sail in shallow rivers?

they were able to sail because the long ship at the bottom was waterproof

Why did abel Tasman sail to Australia?

able Tasman set sail for money and glory

What is a three sided sail?

A three sided sail is known as a Lateen sail or also a triangular sail. With a four sided sail one is only able to sail against the wind, but with a Lateen sail it is possible to sail more directly into the wind.

When do i need to rotate your tires?

You don't need to rotate MY tires but, you need to when your car goes left or right when the wheel is straight.

Why are cruise ships able to sail in fjords?

A ship can sail anywhere the water is deep enough.

Do you need sail license on a kayak in BC Canada?

No a boat or sail license is not required if human or sail powered.

What does a boat need to sail?


Will a ship be able to sail away if it is anchored?

No, not if it is well-anchored.

How do you rotate images in pixlr?

In order to rotate images in Pixlr, you will need to go to "edit". Then, you will need to go to "editor" and click on "free transform". You can then drag the mouse in either direction to rotate the picture.

What do you call a triangular sail?

A lateen sail. Was/is able to be moved left or right. It made/makes ships easier to turn.

How do the Saint Lawrence Seaway system's locks work?

Lock exist because you need leveled water to be able to sail or barge from place to place.

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