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In and around 1823 the ball used for the game was round as the years passed and kicking was a lesser part of the game the ball took its oval shape which made it easier to pass hand to hand

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Q: Why does a rugby ball look like a football?
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What does a rugby ball look like?

the rugby ball looks like an egg and oral shape. The original rugby ball was round. Later, rugby balls were made from an inflated pig's bladder encased in leather. This gave the ball its oval shape. Modern rugby balls don't include a pig's bladder.

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What is Sell a dummy in rugby?

"Selling a dummy" is a term used when an attacking player, carrying the ball makes it look like they are passing the ball or about to kick the ball however, they keep possession and continue to carry the ball in the attack.

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Why is rugby more physical than football?

Rugby is a complete contact sport. A tackle in football is supposed to be contact free where in rugby, fully body contact is required, the players are expected to use their body as a battering ram (especially the forwards) - the rucking is done with the feet which means that there is high chance of injury. Rugby players don't wear protection like football players, therefore are much more vulnerable to injuries and concussions. Rugby is a much more continuous than football which has much more stoppages, altough some of the hits of football are quite hard, but everytime some one is tackled the game stops. Look at the rugby scrum, which is much more physical than a ruck.

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