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Q: Why does a gun appear to have a greater kick when fired with the butt held loosely against the shoulder than when held tightly?
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Are ions in magnesium fluoride held together loosely or tightly?

very tightly

What are tightly and loosely coupled multiprocessor systems?

smp is tightly coupled ad cmp is loosly coupled

What is loosely and tightly coupled federated databases?

FDBSs can be categorized as loosely coupled or tightly coupled based on who manages the federation and how the com- ponents are integrated. interoperable database system ( loosely ) An FDBS is loosely coupled if it is the user's responsibility to create and maintain the federation and there is no control enforced by the feder- ated system and its administrators. A federation is tightly coupled if the federation and its adminis- trator(s) have the responsibility for creat- ing and maintaining the federation and actively control the access to component DBSs. A loosely coupled FDBS always supports multiple federated schemas. A tightly coupled FDBS may have one or more federated schemas. A tightly coupled FDBS is said to have single federation if it allows the creation and management of only one federated schema. A tightly coupled FDBS is said to have multiple federations if it allows the creation and management of multiple federated schemas

Are chromosomes tightly packed DNA or loosely packed DNA?

Chromosomes are tightly packed DNA. When DNA is not tightly packed it is called chromatin. Chromosomes only exist during mitosis or meiosis.

What is it called when the fibers of the spinal cord are loosely formed instead of being tightly together?


Structure of coenzymes?

Coenzymes has a complex structure. They are a group of co-factors that are tightly or loosely attached to enzymes.

Why does a loosely knit sweater keep you warmer than a tightly knit one?

to allow expansion in summer

How do you take recoil away on a gun?

Hold the gun TIGHTLY pulled against your shoulder when you fire, spread your feet apart, place one foot slightly ahead of the other. The recoil will rock you, but not hit you. Holding the gun lightly or slightly away from your shoulder is bad.

Explain in newton's second law Why a hunter always presses the butt of a rifle tightly against his shoulder before firing?

Newton's second law states that the force of an object is equal to its mass times its acceleration. Therefore, when a hunter presses the butt of a rifle tightly against his shoulder before firing, the force of the gun is directed away from the shooter as the rifle accelerates. This reaction force pushes back on the shooter, helping absorb the recoil and allowing for better accuracy and stability. Additionally, by pressing the butt of the rifle firmly against the shoulder, the shooter can better control the direction of the gun and thus the direction of the bullet.

How are the cell of a bread mold arranged?

The cells of bread mold are loosely arranged. This is the opposite of the cells of mushrooms which are packed tightly together.

Is distributed system is loosely coupled or tightly coupled?

It can be either or even both - depends on how the designer(s) designed the distributed systems

What word means to press tightly against?