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The goal keeper needs flexibility to be able to respond quickly to the ball hit in the goal direction (by jumping in air or going down to ground) so that he/she can catch it and avoid the ball hitting the goal.

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Because of how they often have to move, like diving to reach a ball or suddenly having to change direction when the ball does. The also need to be able to jump very high and catch the ball or punch it. They often need to come out and spread themselves in front of the player trying to score, to make it more difficult to score.

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because they can fall over when they try to catch the ball or pass the ball!

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why dose goalkeeper need agility

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Q: Why does a goal keeper need flexibility?
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What equipment does a goal keeper need?


Why does a goal keeper need speed?

So that it can stop the ball from going into the goal.

What is the job of the goal keeper?

The goal keeper defends the ball from being in the goal.

What does GK means in netball?

goal keeper A goal Keeper (GK) plays in the defencive third including the goal ring (semi circle)

How can a soccer goal keeper score a goal?

most of the time when a goal keeper takes the penalty shot but sometimes when the goal keeper of the other team is so much above his field or area the goal keeper may kick the ball from goal to the other goal.

Who is the best goal keeper of the world 2012?

best goal keeper of the world

What is the difference between goal keeper and goal shooter?

a goal keeper saves the ball and the goal shooter shoots the ball

In soccer is a goal keeper considered a defender when the keeper comes out of the box?

The goal keeper is always considered a defender, if he is in or out of the penalty area.

Can a soccer keeper score a goal directly from a kick out of his hands?

A goal may be a scored directly from a goal keeper punt.

Who is Mexico's keeper?

As in goal keeper? Guillermo Ochoa

Does netball has a goal keeper?

The answer is yes, netball does have a goal keeper, the goal keeper is up the other end to the end that you are shooting and they have to protect the net and not let the opposition get the ball into the net.

Defender back passes to keeper?

If a defender passes the ball with his feet to the goal keeper, the goal keeper may not touch the ball with their hands.