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Because it is cold and has goose bumps!

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Q: Why does a football have little bumps on it?
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How many bumps on a football?

exactly 3 bumps. I counted.

Why do chicken eggs sometimes have little bumps on them?

the bumps are little calcium deposits in the eggshell.

Your cat has a cluster of little bumps under both armpits what could it be?

The cluster of little bumps under both your cat's armpits could be a heat rash. A little antibacterial cream might heal the bumps.

Where does crayfish have bumps?

a crayfish body is smooth. only its tail has little bumps

Does the crayfish have bumps?

A crayfish's body is smooth. Only it's tail has a little bumps.

If you have itching and little bumps after a sunburn?

Well, it's probably not from the sunburn itself, but maybe something that you are allergect to and the little bumps coult be hives.

What actors and actresses appeared in Bumps - 1912?

The cast of Bumps - 1912 includes: Toodles as Bumps - the Elephant Kenneth Casey as Kenneth - the Little Clown

What is a button nose?

A little nose that has no bumps

What are the little bumps on my skin called?

it very well could be exima or goose bumps i am pritty sure

What are little bumps on my upper lip?

There are several explanations as to why there are little bumps on the upper lip. There are a lot of nerve endings here that could possibly be damaged or inflamed.

Do little red bumps on the back of your throat mean you have strep?

Strep is usually white bumps, but could be something else. If the bumps persist, see your doctor.

What are the bumps on a koi fish head?

Koi do not specifically have "bumps" on their heads that I am aware of. Please describe these bumps. if its the bumps im thinking of its like a fore head they have like a little frown

What is a goosebump?

goosebumps are when you have lattes of little bumps on your skin

Why are there little bumps around the head of my penis?


What are little red bumps and what causes them?

Your question does not contain enough information to be answered. Your question needs to mention where the bumps are on your body.

Can you get little bumps from a yeast infection?

If you mean bumps in your vagina, not likely but if you mean that your discharges is in form of bumps, probably white and cheese-like then that is one of the few symptoms of yeast infection.

What are the little red bumps on your dog?

It is best to take a dog to the vet and to get the bumps looked at. While they maybe a rash they could be tumors.

What do taste buds look like?

Little bumps that are on your tongue.

What does it mean if you have little bumps on your penis?

They Are Probably Genital Warts

What are the little bumps on your penis?

Pimples you should try to pop them

Have a tattoo for a year and now it is sore and little bumps?

Get checked

Are there natural little bumps on the vagina?

no, they are usually a result from shaving.

What are the reasons for lumps on top of ball?

In most cases, the bumps on a ball are used mainly for griping whether it be a basketball or a football. In few cases, bumps are used for aerodynamics.

What would cause bumps on your neck after a massage?

If they are little bumps, perhaps you have an allergy to the oils/scents used to massage you. Also the bumps could be white-heads caused by the oil clogging your pores.

What are hair bumps?

hair bumps are when your putting up your hair and you get this little bump in you ponytail or what ever you have when you have your hair up. some people like hair bumps in there pony tails and such but some don't.