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Because it is cold and has goose bumps!

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Q: Why does a football have little bumps on it?
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Where does crayfish have bumps?

a crayfish body is smooth. only its tail has little bumps

Does the crayfish have bumps?

A crayfish's body is smooth. Only it's tail has a little bumps.

What do you call the bumps on a ski slope?

The little bumps are called moguls.

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Koi do not specifically have "bumps" on their heads that I am aware of. Please describe these bumps. if its the bumps im thinking of its like a fore head they have like a little frown

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What is a goosebump?

goosebumps are when you have lattes of little bumps on your skin

Your cat has a cluster of little bumps under both armpits what could it be?

The cluster of little bumps under both your cat's armpits could be a heat rash. A little antibacterial cream might heal the bumps.

Have a tattoo for a year and now it is sore and little bumps?

Get checked

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What are the reasons for lumps on top of ball?

In most cases, the bumps on a ball are used mainly for griping whether it be a basketball or a football. In few cases, bumps are used for aerodynamics.

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