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For a variety of reasons: to start the game, after each goal is scored, and after each stoppage of play, like for icing, etc.

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Q: Why does a face off happen in ice hockey?
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What is Start of play in ice hockey?

Face Off

How does indoor hockey start?

With a face-off at center ice.

In basketball its called a tip off in football a kick off what is it called in ice hockey?

Face off

Why does someone get tossed out of a face off in ice hockey?

They do practice face-off first and if they don't do good in it they make another guy do it

What Starts play in ice hockey?

In ice hockey, the play starts with a face-off in one of the rink's five circles. A face-off consists of a player that plays the position called 'Center' to fight for the puck when the referee drops it.

How is an ice hockey game re-started after a goal is scored?

After a goal is scored, the teams face-off at centre ice.

What is the shooting lane in ice hockey?

the hash marks in between the 2 face off dots

What is a face off in ice hockey?

When the ref drops the puck in between the 2 players, kinda like a tip off in basket ball except hockey.

What is 'off ice' in hockey?

happening when players are off ice

How many face off dots are on the ice in hockey?

Eight, nine if you include center ice. There are two on either side of each goalie, two on either side just inside each blue line. Click on the 'Ice Hockey Rink' link below to see a picture of the ice surface and where the face off spots are.

What is the start of play called in play ice hockey?

Do you "bully off" in ice hockey?

How do you start a hockey game?

A 'face off' takes place at center ice between two teams top forwards.

What is the method of starting play in a hockey game?

Hockey play starts with a face-off where the referee drops the puck between two opposing players at center ice. Play begins when the puck hits the ice.

What did a face off in hockey used to be called?

puck off

What is the old name for a face off in hockey?

A puck off.

What is the word used for start in hockey?


In rugby what is the equivalent of a hockey face-off?


In hockey what is the equivalent of a rugby scrum?


The US pulled off the Olympic Miracle on Ice in what sport?

men's ice hockey

What is a lacrosse face-off?

A lacrosse face-off is taken place at the beginning of the game of after a goal is scored. It involves putting the ball inbetween the two midfielders from each opposing team and having to referee blow the whistle. Sorta like a ice hockey face off.

What is the kick off in ice hockey called?

puck drop

Why are there circles on hockey rinks?

those are face-off circles

What is the original name of a face off in Hockey?

Face offs were first called "faces" of the puck or a " puck-off."

How a hockey game is started?

the referee goes to the center ice face off dot and a player from each team go to the face off dot and the referee drops the puck and the two players at the center battle for the puck e

How long is the penalty for icing in hockey?

Icing isn't a penalty, but if you ice the puck the face off will be in your end giving the other team better scoring position.