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If you suspect a slipping belt a simple test is to hold a bar of handsoap against the belt while the vehicle is running, being careful not to catch your hand in the belt nor the fan. The squeal will disappear in seconds.

Squeal is caused by belts 99% of time. The belt could have dirt on it, be misaligned a bit, or possibly just moisture. A bad belt should be replaced, but squealing can happen from a good belt as well. You can probably fix the problem by removing the tensioner bolts and loosening/tightening the belt and clean pulley/belt off. The sticky spray in the stores actually is BAD, b/c your belt will start grabbing dirt and dust from the air. The spray is just a very very temporary solution. The squeal will come back eventually (sometimes in a matter of seconds after spraying).

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Probably a belt slipping. If you pull the belt off and spin each pully, you may find a bearing going bad. Or it may just be a glazed belt. Try taking some valve grinding compound and applying it at several places on the belt-both sides. (while the engine is off). This usually takes care of the noise.

It could be a loose fan belt. The best way to test is have the motor running and pour water over the belt if squeal goes away its the belt
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Q: Why does a car squeal when it is started?
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