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Cause he's extremely talented, awesome and much to awesome to ever play for the Canadiens. This is why they resent him and will always boo him even though he's a complete class act and enjoyable to watch. notroll

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Q: Why does Zdeno Chara get booed when he plays the Canadiens?
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What position does Zdeno Chara play?

Zdeno Chara plays defense for the Boston Bruins.

Who or what is Zdeno Chara?

"Zdeno Chara is a hockey player born March 18, 1977 in Trencin, Czechoslovakia. He currently plays for a hockey team called the Boston Bruins."

Who was the first NHL player over six foot five?

Bruin's 6'9" and 260 pound defenseman Zdeno Chara is tied for the the tallest player of all time. And now Tyler Myers, also 6'9", at 222 pounds has tied him at 6'9"as a 2nd year player. He is only 19 so he could grow more. He plays for the Buffalo Sabres. Myers was also the rookie of the year in the 2009-2010 season.

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What NHL team does Brian Gionta play for?

Brian Gionta plays for the Montreal Canadiens.

What NHL team does Christian Thomas play for?

Christian Thomas plays for the Montreal Canadiens.

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