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  1. He Was Born 8/7/87
  2. He made 8.7 million in his rookie contract

Slight correction. He was born on 8/7/1987, but he did not make 8.7 million in his rookie contract. He made a league maximum for rookies, which I believe was slightly over 1 million per season + for his first three years. So he probably made about 3.3 to 3.5 over his first three years plus undisclosed performance based team bonuses. This would have not brought him anywhere near 8.7 million per season. He went on to sign the deal worth an average of 8.7 million per season after his first 3 years in the NHL.

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Q: Why does Sidney Crosby were 87 on his jersey?
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What is Sidney Crosby's number on the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Sidney Crosby is number 87 on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Does Sidney Crosby have Twitter?

Yes he does go to: I <3 Sidney Crosby

What number is Sidney Crosby?

Crosby is number 87 on the pitsburg penguins

Who is 87 on the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Sidney Crosby

Where did Sidney Crosby get his number for his jersey?

Sidney Crosby got his number 87 because he was born August 7th 1987. So it's like this 8/7/87. He also gets paid 8.7 million a year. (I'm not sure if it's the same now)

How many phone numbers does Sidney Crosby have?

he has 87

What is Sidney Crosby jersey number?

His number is 8787

Which hockey player lives in flin flon?

Sidney Crosby .he is #87.

What nhl player has the most jersey sales?

Sidney Crosby

What is Sidney Crosby's pay every year?

On his Wikipedia page, it says he gets paid 8.7 Million a year. Hence why his jersey is 87, plus his birthday. August 7th, 1987(8-7-87)

How expensive would a used Sidney Crosby jersey be?

5000 dollars

What other numbers has Sidney Crosby wore?

Crosby also wore 87 for his Junior team: Rimousku Oceanic. he wore number 9 way back