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He doesn't. His stick has a slight curve to it.

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Q: Why does Sidney Crosby use a straight stick?
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Does Sidney Crosby use a straight hockey stick?

No, it has a very slight curve to it.

What stick curve does Sidney Crosby use?

P87A.He uses his own curve.That is the public curve made to sell sticks. The curve he uses is a round toe and totally straight.

What stick does malkin use?

Eston Stealth RS, but he used to use the S19

What stick flex does Evgeni Malkin use?

Sidney Crosby in 2011 wears Reebok 11k skates and has a Reebok 11k Sickick 3 hockey stick

What type of helmet did Wayne gretzky wear?

Sidney Crosby uses the 10k sickkick reebok hockey stick

What technique did Sidney Nolan use?

sidney nolan uses a square technique.

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How many seasons did Sidney Crosby play with Mario Lemieux?

He played from 1981 to 2006. From anywhere from QMJHL to the NHL. So about 25 years above College and Highschool hockey. If your talking originally, he started at age 3. His brothers and him used to use a wooden spoon and bottle tops.

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sons of neil