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He is a professional footballer, so it is his job. He had the interest in it and the skill and became a professional.

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Q: Why does Ryan Giggs play football?
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What does Ryan giggs like?

Ryan giggs likes playing football

What does Ryan Giggs enjoy?

Playing Football

Who was voted sports personality in 2009?

Manchester United Football/Soccer play Ryan Giggs

Who has the most appearances in European football?

Ryan giggs

Who is the longest serving football player?

ryan giggs

Who has the best football pictures site?

ryan giggs

Which country does Ryan giggs play for?

he used to play for wales but retired in 2007. he s talking of returning to international football

What position does Ryan Giggs play?


What sports do Ryan Giggs play?


Did Ryan giggs play for west ham?

no he did not

Who is the oldest football player in the Olympics 2012?

Ryan Giggs

Who is the oldest football player 2013?

I think Ryan giggs

Who football player won most trophies?

Ryan Giggs

How much football games has Ryan giggs played?


What football club does Ryan giggs support?

Manchester united

What are Ryan giggs hobbies?

playing football for manchester united

Is Ryan Giggs in the Welsh national team?

No. Ryan Giggs retired from international football in 2007. Wales did not qualify for the 2014 World Cup.

Who is the best left midfielder in the football world?

Ryan Giggs or Arjen Robben. Ryan Giggs is good at passing, Robben is speedy and quick.

Which football player has won most trophies in English football?

Ryan Giggs for sure

What team does Ryan giggs play for?

Manchester United

How many football league games has ryan giggs played?


Does Ryan giggs smoke?

Of course he doesn't, he's a football player.

Who is Ryan giggs' favourite player?

Ryan Giggs

What sport does Ryan Giggs play?

"Giggsy" plays football (called soccer in the States) for Manchester United FC in the Premier League.

Where does Ryan Giggs play for Manchester United?

he plays as a winger