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Q: Why does Rafael Nadal wear tennis ball yellow?
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What religion is Rafael Nadal?

He is against religion.

What is a yellow tennis ball made out of?


What are the types of forces that occur during a tennis ball game?

Federa, Nadal, Williams, are all quite forceful

Co lour of a tennis ball?

Bright yellow.

Who is the winner of tennis championship 2008?

There were a few tournaments throughout the year of 2008 in tennis so there isn't really a valid champion for the year. But, here are some tournament champions throughout that year: U.S. Open - Roger Federer Wimbledon - Rafael Nadal French Open - Rafael Nadal Australian Open - Novak Djokavic

Does a tennis ball reflect light?

It does reflect light, as anything does that you can see (a yellow tennis ball reflects yellow light and absorbs the other colors). However, it will not show you your reflection.

What is the most visible ball colour for all the different surfaces and conditions in tennis?

the most visible ball in tennis is red yellow.

What color is the tennis ball before its green?

yellow i think

Who invented yellow tennis balls?

I believe Rene LeCoste invented a hand-cranked machine that propelled tennis balls, while Bob McLure reversed the motor on a vacuum cleaner to create the first commercially viable ball machine in 1970.

Why is the ping pong ball in yellow colour?

Under certain lighting conditions, a yellow table tennis ball will provide for better visibility than a white ball.

What colour is a golf ball?

The majority of golf balls are white, but there are some yellow balls which are for evening play and are used by seniors. Paula Creamer sometimes uses a pink ball.

How do tennis players see the ball in the sun?

They can see it as it was brightly coloured(bright yellow)