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Q: Why does NJ Nets have a fox as a mascot?
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Why is sly the silver fox the new jersey nets mascot?

because he can be and he is awesome

What is the Nets mascots name?

The mascots are BrooklyKnight, Sly the Silver Fox, and Duncan the Dragon.

What does the Nets mascot Sly look like?

The old mascot was a Rocket: Robot on Wheels.

Who owes the NJ nets?

Micheal Prophovak

What are the NJ Nets?

NBA basketball team

What is the mascot of Bloomfield College?

The Bloomfield College (Bloomfield, NJ) mascot is the Deacon.

How many games did the NJ Nets win last season?

The NJ NETS won 12 games in the 2009-10 season and had a final record of 12-70

Did the Lakers win at home for 2002 finals or in NJ?

The Lakers swept the NJ Nets, winning the last game in NJ

How many wins does the NJ nets have?

The New Jersey Nets have 6 wins and 53 losses. (6-53)

What is the Holmdel NJ Swim team Mascot?


What NBA teams are rivals of the NJ Nets?

the new york knicks

How might a fox come to wear a racing jersey?

A fox might come to wear a racing jersey if it is being used as a mascot. For example, fox racing clothes may use a fox as a mascot and have it wearing a jersey.