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In 1964, legendary race promoter and Martinsville Speedway owner Clay Earles decided that he needed an award that would distinguish his two events from the other sixty races on the Grand National (now Cup Series) schedule.

"My grandfather wanted something that reflected this area and this town," explains Clay Campbell, current president of the Martinsville Speedway, the only track remaining from NASCAR's original 1949 calendar. "He didn't have to look far. This area was built on the furniture industry and Ridgeway was based right here and they made the clocks right here. It was perfect. Still is."

Fast Freddy Lorenzen won the first Martinsville clock on September 27, 1964 when he outlasted Richard Petty and Junior Johnson.

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Q: Why does Martinsville Speedway use the grandfather clock as their trophy for a Nascar race?
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