Why does LA Have 2 NBA teams?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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They have 2 because they have such a big City. Lots of mulah for the owners.......I don't understand why they play in the same arena though....I live in Chicago and We have two Baseball Teams But They Play In Two opposite ends of the city. Cubs-North Side-Sox-South side in two diffrent Stadiums. The North Side is a lot Richer Than The SOuthside. So The Cubs are More white Collar and Sox are more blue collar. Plus they represent diffrent Demographics Sox-Irish Catholics Cubs-Protestants. So That's The Diffrence in Chicago I'm Not Sure What if any Difference there Is in Los Angeles.

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Q: Why does LA Have 2 NBA teams?
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Why does la have two basketball teams?

Because LA is big enough to support two nba teams

What were the nba championship teams of 1999?

The LA Lakers won in 1999

What is LA known for?

For being in America and having two NBA teams.

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The Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers were. The Boston Celtics won the series 4 games to 2. Game 6 was in Boston so the Celtics had the privilege of winning the NBA Championship in front of their home crowd.

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