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He's a jock

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Q: Why does Jane Forbes glare at crash during the football game?
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What are three sentences for the word glare?

The glare of the sun caused him to crash the car.She shot him an angry glare from across the table.Don't glare at me like that please, it's scary.

Why do football player wear black paint under their eyes?

to stop the glare from the sun or lights

Why is mercury easier to see during the eclipse?

Because Mercury is so close to the sun, it is usually hidden by glare. During a solar eclipse, the moon blocks the light from the sun, thus eliminating that glare.

What things are at a football game that start with the letter N?

numbersno-glare strips (under the player's eyes)Nike products

What is written on shivnarine chanderpaul's face?

It says Mueller, they are anti glare stickers usually worn by American football players.

What can anti glare be used for?

Anti-glare technology is often helpful for surfaces that are used for reading such as smart phone or tablet screens and computer monitors. These are surfaces that sometimes become hard to read when there is too much glare produced during the day.

When was The Glare created?

The Glare was created in 2009.

Can you give a sentence of the word glare?

She have a horrid glare.

Some of the accessory packs for PSP come with a glare shield, what is the purpose of the glare shield?

The glare shield reduces the amount of reflective glare when playing games or viewing movies on the PSP; it reduces glare from the sun or brightly lit rooms.

What rhymes with glare and starts with an I?

Impair rhymes with glare and starts with an I.

What is the past tense of glare?

Glared is the past tense of glare.

When was Kel Glare born?

Kel Glare was born in 1938.