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Dinero, Brazilian clubs are not generally as wealthy.

First of all, the above answer is just terrible so forget about it, the question was about international football and NOT club football. The answer however begins at the club level, Deco was signed by a Portuguese side to play for them because they scouted him playing in Brazil, when he played in Portugal he chose to become a Portuguese citizen by naturalization therefore making him eligible to play for the portuguese national team. Brazils national team is very hard to breach for a player which gave Deco much reason to try his luck with a capable portuguese side that was willing to take him..both countries speak portuguese, chances are his relatives are all from Portugal...he probably had no reason to not choose Portugal as his international team. He moved to Europe for the money, but he could've remained a Brazilian citizen, he chose to play for Portugal.

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Q: Why does Deco play international soccer for Portugal and not Brazil?
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Fluminese FC in Brazil

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he was born in Brazil

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Anderson Luis de Souza [b. August 27, 1977] was born in Sao Bernardo do Campo. His mother's side of the family is of Japanese descent, his father's of Portuguese. But Deco is considered a Brazilian-born professional footballer who plays for the English club Chelsea, but internationally for Portugal. In addition to birth in Brazil, Deco began his sports career in South America's largest country. At the National Athletic Club, in Sao Paulo, Deco came to the attention of Corinthians. Corinthians signed him on, but then decided a better match would be Corinthians Alagoano. And so, at the age of 19, Deco relocated to Portugal, in 1997. And that was the beginning of his football career in Europe.

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